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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Frame Waiting For Something

No Rhyme Or Reason...

This page in my journal, like most, has just been a catch all page of doodles with no rhyme or reason.  It has been "in progress" for several months now.  There are a couple dies that I cut out and colored when the mood struck and the rest just kinda happened.  I don't love white space so I try to fill it with whatever happens...and when there is no more white space I call it done...  This is today's "done":

I finished it while I was watching "at" a TWO HOUR video of all the different birds, fish, and such that have died by the thousands since 2008....  WOW!!  It is shocking to see what has been happening!  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uFJbDn1J1O4.  More End Time prophecy being fulfilled....  Of course my excitement for the rapture has been renewed because of the blood moon the other night.  If you haven't seen some of the teaching on the Four Blood Moons be sure and check that out on YouTube as well.   


Monday, March 17, 2014

I Am So Impatient!

I doodled this page into my calendar journal last week without the words.

This morning I found some words that I liked ok,
"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow
you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying."  Unknown

That's true enough I guess but I don't like to compare myself with anyone else, ever, so I had to change it up a bit.

I started Weight Watchers 10 weeks ago and naturally I want it to go much much faster than it is so I need the constant reminder that at least I am past the first 30 pounds... I had to get past those to get to the next 30.... but I want it faster!

OH! almost forgot, the actual page still has no words on it.  This is a font I worked on this week, I just just used CorelDraw to lay the words on the picture of the doodle and saved it that way.  I'm not done with creating the font, I still have some uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation to finish... but I was ready to see what it was going to look like! .....  again with the no patience thing:-( 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Proverbs 3: 5-6

This past Friday I shared the drawings of James that I did last year, both here and on Facebook.  One of my dear friends saw it on Facebook and asked me to do Proverbs 3:5-6.... she was curious what I would come up with.... Well, here ya go Sweet Margaret!

I just love doing this because it makes me meditate on the word and pray over the words.  Funny thing happened this time.  The first part, trust the Lord with all thine heart....I'm pretty sure that it means to trust him with all of your heart, but I saw it a little differently this time... Trust him to take care of ALL of your heart, that's a little different.... So, even though I think it probably means the other, I showed it this way because we are to do that too... Trust Him to take care of our hearts... broken, sad, loves, every part.  I thought about letting her hand Him the pieces of a broken heart but I forgot and drew it this way.

On the last part I thought about adding a street sign on the side of the road that said "Righteousness Path" or "The Right Path", but it would have had to have been too big in order to read it...so, just know that's the path he is on... next to the still waters and green pastures. :-)

Anyway, I hope you "get" my little interpretation of each of the parts.

Have a great rest of it...

Friday, March 14, 2014

James Do-Over 2013 vs 2011

In June/July of 2011 I decided to draw the book of James, this was the results:

Well, in January of 2013 I decided to do them again just to see if I could do them any better... mainly because I was never really happy with chapters 1-3. 

I just found the journal I was drawing in last year and since I never posted the results I decided to do that today.  I did get a little better (I think):

It was easier to be a little more organized the second time because I could look at the first set and see the big picture.

Give it a go, it is so much fun!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pinspiration ... or Just Filling the Pages

At the beginning of the year I thought I would join in on "The Documented Life" challenge but they lost me on the 3rd week when they said to collect mail and add some of it to my journal.  OK, why???  So, I just decided to make the best I could of a stupid purchase... the Moleskin Calendar... HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE book!  There have been so many people loving and using Moleskin that I decided I would go ahead and follow the TDL suggestion and buy the one they were going to be using.  DON'T DO IT!!!  The pages are unbelievably thin!  You can't use any kind of pen on it without it bleeding to the other side...even ballpoint pens are worthless because they "emboss" the paper so that even if the ink doesn't bleed through the impression of the letters are there.

Soooooo, like I said, I decided to MAKE it work for me.  I now add a piece of cardstock to the right side of every open page so that whatever I decide to add won't be seen on the other side.  It works. 

When I get enough pages filled out I'll do a video so you can see some of what I have been doing.  

It wasn't until the last week of January that I decided to start documenting my days like this: 

I'm not too sure how much longer this will last because my days are pretty boring with little change and little opportunity for creative drawing.

Anyway, because I didn't start doing the above until almost February I have several pages that were blank and needs to be filled with something. (There are actually more than a few because there's lots of pages before the calendar part starts).  Here is how I filled these two pages this week:

As you can see, I called it "Pinspiration" because I literally copied several artists from Pinterest. (their names are included with each "picture").  Actually, none of them are exact because I'm not that good... and, there are a couple that came out so different from the original I decided to not insult the person! ....  Like the black hair girl... the original drawing was of a little girl, FAIL!  But, in my defense I drew everything on the page with a pen so there was no chance of "do overs".  I put the bottom of her nose too low so the "little girl" was lost for good!  

The only thing I did do with a pencil first was the word "Pinspiration" because I have had enough practice to know that I will ALWAYS run out of paper before I run out of word!  ALWAYS!  But ya know, even though I draw it with pencil first, I NEVER draw it exactly the same way when I go back over it with pen!  What is up with that?!

Doodles Done!  Have a fun one!

(hummmm, that rhymed!  and not be design, ha!  seems I might have a new "sign off")

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Wanted To See If I Could ...

One of my absolute favorite artist, for YEARS, has been Laurel Burch (December 31, 1945 – September 13, 2007)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the color she used.

As you can see she died 6.5 years ago but you can still purchase her art on almost EVERYTHING, purses, scarves, cups...basically anything that can be printed on they sell it.  Whoever is in charge of her estate has managed to sell the rites to TONS of different companies for production purposes so I am still a happy girl when I see something of "hers".

This week I decided to do something "Laurel Burch - like".  Color is always a challenge for me so it really was a challenge... not the drawing but the coloring.

I actually did them on another piece of  'paper' but I wasn't happy with the background so I cut them out and did them with a more "doodle" background.  

I didn't use as many patterns on each like LB but I'm happy with how they came out..  

I used BIC markers for most of the coloring, all except the biggest one, I started that one with watercolors but switched over to BIC markers. ... I drew them on the inside of a Lean Cuisine box.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Doodling Flowers the Easy Way or The "OK, You Just HAD To Have It, Now USE IT!" Challenge

Archivers is about 5 miles from my house so it was always my "go-to" when I wanted something that Michael's and Joanne's didn't have.  Well, they are closing... and everything in the store is now 75% off!!!  YES!!  I stocked up with tons of stuff I really don't need...but...it was 75% off!

One of the things I bought was this set of Nestabilities:

I have to say, I didn't love it, but it was only $6.50.  I decided yesterday to force myself to use them and doodle on the cutouts.  Of course I used some of my empty boxes.

I was actually pretty pleased with what I could do just using the shape for inspiration...I started with the obvious, frames for whatever, but then I decided to try flowers....I don't usually do very well with flowers but these were simple.  Start by drawing some circles in the middle then draw the pedals out from the circle to each of the scallops.

And then I stuck them down and drew leaves and stems on the page:

Another thing I did yesterday was to buy more Sakura markers...AGAIN.  I can't tell you how many times I have bought these pens and they fall into the black hole that follows me.  THIS TIME I'm going to try and be better and keep up with them by leaving them in the package they came in!  Well, I don't know about you but all those little size numbers mean absolutely nothing to me so I decided to make some examples:

NOW I can tell!

I wrote this yesterday and decided on a better title...and a better way to show the graphics for pinning.

Hummmm....I may need to make this a regular challenge for myself!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Doodle Ready ATC Cards From LC Boxes

Last week I posted this on my other blog where I have shown different ways to recycle in the past and just recently I have begun making cards and such using dies...but since I did these for doodling it is just as appropriate here so I thought I'd repost because I don't think the same folks follow both...  ??? I guess ??? If you do then you can just ignore it :-)
I haven't mentioned this yet but, I started Weight Watchers (again) on January 1st. I only mention this because I have eaten at least one Lean Cuisine every day since and I can't bear to toss the boxes!  That's good, FREE, white cardstock!  So they are my first "go-to" cardstock when using all my new dies.  This week I cut out lots rounded corner cards (about ATC size) using a Sizzix die, that I can use for doodling and/or adding bits and pieces that I have piling up... like the leaf below and the stamped doghouse on the card below... I just like doodling on something that size because any larger blank white paper intimidates me... I figure anyone can fill up this much white space, right?

After I got several cards done (doodled on) I decided that I wanted to hang them together but I didn't want to punch a hole in the top, just in case I decided I wanted to use them for something later.  Sooooo, I punched out a fancy little piece using Spellbinders, Parisian Accents (seen in the middle of samples below).

I only added glue to the back so I could easily remove it without messing up the front of the card... 

I'm showing you a close up of this next card because I love the gingko leaf.  I made that by putting aluminum tape to the front of a piece of box then cut it out...the die has built in embossing lines.  Love it.

Below is a  quick card I made using one of my cards... quick quick because the work was already done.


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