Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black and White "Happy" Box

I cannot tell a lie, one of my least favorite things to do is to go to the post office...hate is a better word for it....So, it is always a happy day when I get something off and on its way.  Last week I sent a package to my niece in California.  

The box included tons of confetti I made for her wedding party invitations .... That's all that had to go, but I added some little extras.  

First, I made a 6x9 three ring binder from scratch .... The ribbon below is just to hold it together for shipping.

I made an envelope, pen holder, pens and booklets to go with the binder ... all black and white so they go together....

All I did for the chevron and polka dot pen/pencil was insert straws in the barrels.

The only thing that was actually "doodled" was the label for the box.  I printed the name and address with an existing font  (Cantoni Basic) onto an 8.5"x11" kraft label, then I added bits and pieces to Mattie's name and doodled the frame ... with a little creature peaking over the corner. 


Played with:

I shifted the uppercase letters down and added swishes...covered up the existing crosses of the t's and connected the the t's at the bottom.  

The black and white check is just duct tape...lots of it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prima Doll #23 (Zoe)

This is another runway inspired doll.  

The actual drawing it much closer to navy than what this picture shows... in this picture it has suddenly become royal blue instead ?!?

I couldn't get happy with the hair on this one so I just kept adding slivers of cut black paper ... and even with that I'm not happy!  Her head looks all wonkus (sp?)

One thing I did to speed things up was I bought store brand Ivory Cardstock at either Office Max or Office Depot???   I cut the doll from that then just add the shadows with a marker....saves ink. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

...but with God ...

ANYTHING is possible!

I used a black brush pen to write on black then scanned it and inverted the colors.  Done!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Runway Inspired

I wondered how long it would take for me to move on to the "next thing" and tire of the paper dolls... 21 days.  I went three whole weeks doing that one thing!  I knew it wouldn't last. 

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and work with latest "The Runway Inspired Challenge" again:

Then yesterday I did a fast doodle:

And then I decided to put them together just for kicks.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well Der!

Have you ever had one of those WELL DER! moments when you say, why didn't I think of this AGES AGO?!

That happened to me this week.  I just joined Costco last week and this week I bought some of the napkins pictured below... just the napkins, they didn't have the dispenser (???).  Of course you have to buy the smallest quantity they sell which will last a life time!  But that's OK, I neeeeeded them!

I am always in search of a napkin, or tissue, or something to use with my "arts" and I am way too lazy to go off in search for it in another part of my house so THIS is my answer!!!  I found the dispenser on Amazon and got it in today.... :-)  HAPPY GIRL!!

I included my Caran d'Ache crayons in the picture so you can see what I will be using them for.  I have mentioned this in the past but I bought the Crayon Tower a while back to hold all my Caran d'ache crayons.... PERFECT!  And if you haven't tried these colors yet you can not imagine how wonderful they are.... probably my favorite "watercolor".  You just color it on and add water, beautiful.  I have linked to the largest package they sell but Amazon does carry smaller sets with fewer colors.  

I totally recommend all three things I have shown today.   I am pretty certain I am going to buy at least one more napkin dispenser for my car. :-)


Monday, May 26, 2014

It Started Life As a Pizza Box ...

About a month ago I bought a whole set of 10" steel die alphabets and about once a week I try to make a letter look different from the last.  First, I cut them out of corrugated boxes (my effort to recycle), or chip board then the fun begins....

The first one I added fringe to because my niece wants gold fringe letters for her "after the wedding" party.  I couldn't find short fringe anywhere so this was a test to see if I could make it out of some vinyl I had already.... It worked!

The next one I just covered with glittered balls ...  Unfortunately some have fallen off but you get the point....   I thought these would be pretty for Christmas ... Spell out JOY or HOPE.

  Then I bought a BUNCH of straws ...

 so I used them to cover a letter...

Last week I woke up trying to think of an easy way to make 3-D letter...and naturally I decided to use the hardest possible character!  The idea I had actually worked but I learned A LOT on that one!  What to do and what not to do! The next ones will be much better.  Maybe I'll make a video of that process... ???

Yesterday and today I doodled on one....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sorta the Same, But Different - Halie

Does this one make you say "Really???....They don't make skirts that long"!  But scroll down further, this is a copy (sorta) of a runway outfit!  Huh???

The colors in real life aren't that much off... like the skirt actually has a white background...oh well.  And, of course it wasn't until I saw them side by side that I saw how much smaller my dog is.  Shoot.

Once a week I get an email with the Runway Inspired Challenge for cards.  I don't make the cards, I just enjoy seeing other folks interpretations of the inspiration.  This week when I got it I decided to incorporate it into my own personal challenge... Hence, today's look.

I have to admit that the skirt was somewhat intimidating at first glance but it was actually really simple to do!  When I drew it out i just jaggered the hem some then took a light gray marker and drew lines from the bottom to the waist, that's it!  The illusion was complete :-) Happy girl dance! :-)  I love it when things work.

Another "WELL YAY!" moment was the shoes.  I had already colored the whole doll flesh colored because I didn't know where I was going with it at first... once I decided it would have been easy to just cut the feet out again and color them the show color but I decided to test an idea.  I used the Spectrum Noir Blender pen to bleach out the color and it worked!  They said it would and it did.



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slowing Down Already - Dolls 19 and 20

Well heck, I'm already slowing down!  I am late posting yesterday's doll, sorry.  I used "Gracie" again... I think I like her best because she has a more natural stance.

To show that these really are "paper dolls" I took a picture of the clothes before I glue them to the body.  You'll notice that I only color the parts of the doll that will be showing after the clothes are on.  If I ever decide to make them so that can actually change clothes I'll have to color it all in, but in the meantime ....

   (sample of the markers)

Here is today's doll.  The dress idea came from the "How To Draw Dresses" book... and the stamp is a modified version of Julie Nulling's "Natalie" stamp.

One thing I have started doing is lightly gluing them in an old book because I have already misplaced one of them.  This way I'll at least know where to find them when I'm ready for step 2.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lady With The Red Dress ... Paper Doll

   (sample of the markers)

Workout Diva

The only way today's doll could have been easier is if I had not added the extra hair pieces.  All I did with this one was cut Set One (Gracie) out, without stamping her first. Then I colored everything directly to that cut piece... so I guess she isn't technically she isn't a paper doll... though I could come back later and add a little skirt onto it.  But the end results of this simple, simple doll is: a workout suit and tennis shoes.  Done!

   (sample of the markers)


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