Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time to Get Organized!!!

Wow!  It has been almost two months since my last post!  Sorry about that to anyone that actually cares.

I decided at the end of December that it was time to get my "stuff" in order!  And so I began gathering pens/markers/watercolors...whatever. and buying ways to display them.  I will show more of that later, that's just where I have been.  Starting to find places for everything.

This week I took the first free class offered by Tiffany over at She is AMAZING! Her "thing" is organization and inventing things for storage.  I have invested a small fortune in all her products because I LOVE THEM! I bought a couple of the scrapracks shown below ... from amazon (the price is way better through Amazon than through the company site! $69.81 vs $99.99!!! Pages are cheaper through Amazon as well). The site is EXCELLENT and a must "go to" because Tiffany has a video for each and every product they offer. I will show you a picture of mine later.

This week's homework was got get ready to start tackling all things make a plan of attack and to create a Benefit Board listing each week and what reward we plan to give ourselves for accomplishing our goal for that week.  Of course I had to "doodle" something:

It isn't really a "board" its just a page in my drawing pad, but that is plenty good... I don't have the space for an actual board!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The LORD Hardened Pharaoh's Heart

This morning I read this on Pinterest ... "The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be still."  (Exodus 14:14). Awesome scripture right?!  I love the idea that The Lord has my back ... I just need to be still.  BUT... That's all that was shown on Pinterest...and my guess is that few people bother to take the time to look up the verse and read it in context.They miss the lesson that way.

Before I went to the scripture I planned to draw the above words in some pretty way ...but ... Then I read it and "my plans" changed. 

God had just told Moses to position the people in the wilderness so that they were "boxed in" by the sea and the Egyptians that HE was going to cause to chase them down to kill them.   Hummmm... Think about the times in our lives that we find ourselves in a place that looks like we have been deserted by God and we think that we can't possibly be in "God's will" when in fact He has us right where He wants us. ... And it may have nothing to do with us...but it might be entirely for someone else's benefit or growth.  Unfortunately we usually do exactly what the Isrealites did, we whine and complain and of course, we are scared of what might happen...forgetting that God really is in control.  

I decided to draw God hardening Pharoah's heart today because He does that so often in Exodus and for me, that really was the message today.   I may draw a stone heart in the margin next to every verse where He does it.

Just think how often people have a "harden heart" towards us and we get an attitude towards THEM when their actions towards us are just part of "the plan"!   If only we could remember that... I'm pretty sure our responses would be entirely different.... If only....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Do YOU See What I See?

I have done this in the past but it needed to go in my to the only mention of the shepherds... In Luke 2:1-20.

Can you just imagine how they must have felt when they saw the angel appear suddenly in their fields?!  I only drew the star and not the angel because I don't believe that they have wings.... If it is possible for us to "entertain angels unaware" how can they have wings?  Right?... Anyway, if I drew them the way I believe they are... Just like everyday men, then you wouldn't know it was an, there is just the star.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My New Coloring Book by Johanna Basford!

I got my new "adult" coloring book today.
by Johanna Basford.  ... for those times I would rather practice coloring without having to draw something first.

LOVE IT!   I love it because there is no thinking required...and you can doodle in it along with her. Like on the pages below...everything is completely drawn, ready to color on the far left, then in the middle the leaves and flowers are partially drawn so you can fill them in with a .005 pen...then there is the area to the far right that is empty allowing you to draw more flowers if you want.  In a sense she is teaching you how to doodle flowers ... 


I started coloring below.   

One of the complaints about the book (on Amazon) is the that people have a problem with marker bleeding through to the back side, and they blame the paper for the guess is that they are trying to use alcohol markers like sharpies or Copics...both WILL bleed through!  I used a combination of colored pencils and Tombow markers on the picture above.  Below you can see that the only bleed thru I had was where I got the color wet by using a blender pen once and then by accidentally dropping some water on it.... Because the markers are water based...made for easy blending:

PLUS... You get to go on a treasure hunt, looking for hidden insects and such ...  

AND, There are more than 80 pages to color! (I lost count)

I will definitely get another of Johanna's books when I finish coloring this one... Which could be YEARS from now!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Practicing on Kraft Bags

Yesterday I bought 250 Kraft bags!!  I know, crazy right?  But I LOVE kraft with black and white so I figured I would eventually use them.

I made a quick little gift for each of the 30 people in my Weight Watchers class using black and white striped cardstock so I want to add some black and white to the bag.  So here I played around with some ideas using black sharpies, a uniball white pen (LOVE), a white colored pencil and  a tan Tombow marker... today's doodle offering:

The actual color Tombow is 026... not the color shown below.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Doodle Play Time

Felt like doodling nonsense yesterday...more pinterest inspired stuff ...  I really wish my iPad took better pictures, the colors are so much more vibrant in real life!

close up:

Normally I have a REEEALLY hard time coloring but I got a whole new set of Tombow markers from Amazon last week so I wanted to use them.  LOVE THESE MARKERS!!! They just blend so well and have such great bright colors.  Another thing I love about them is that they aren't too bad about bleeding through...except where I really layered on the the blue did go through to back because I really layered it on, but the page is really thin (in my moleskin calendar) I actually already had a LOT of the markers already but I wanted the whole set and buying them all at once was cheaper than buying what I didn't have individually!  Go figure.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Still a Weigh to Go...

I have not mentioned this on my blog at all but I started Weight Watchers on 1/1/14.... and, so far, so good! (Not saying how much until 1/1/15)... OH! OK!!! So far I have lost 81 pounds! Insert Happy Dance here :-)

That's all great and good but the last month until now I have had a heck of a time staying focused!  The junk  I was eating before is calling my name again and that frustrates me!  I still have about 50 pounds to go so I don't want to lose momentum!

Anyway, I woke up during the middle of the night thinking about how I could motivate myself again and I got this SILLY SILLY idea that I thought I would share with anyone interested in playing too.

I created a dot to dot "drawing" that I plan to complete over the next 50 pounds.  I will draw a line to each dot based on the number of pounds lost.  It goes from 0-50 or you could even go 50 -  0 depending on how you count pounds down.  And, if you have less to lose then I guess just draw to the number that you need to lose... or if more, print it more times.

Sorry, it isn't pretty, but hopefully if you play along you can doll it up a bit on your own.

Here ya go:

Hopefully you can just right click on it and save the file or print it ???

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Moses Had a Stick....What is in YOUR Hand?

Exodus 4...  Moses gets his calling...

...  Moses had a stick....What is in YOUR hand?  

I drew this to fit in my Bible but I drew this same idea slightly different on Jan 5, 2013 here:

The reason things look a bit crowded around the book (Bible) scissors area is that I had already committed the paint brush and the scissors to real ink then decided to add the bottle of Gesso and the book under the brush, that's why the brush seems to be painting upside down...whoops!  And on the original I only had one spool of thread and a floating needle, I added another spool and the heart patchwork under the needle.  That's what happens when things never seem finished!  I am forever changing an "already done" doodle!



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