Saturday, May 23, 2015

You've Got This Box

I made this girl several posts back... Today I made a box to house her.  I plan on making lots of different boxes to sell at Christmas...This is my first:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Play With Toon Characters

Well, it seems that the only playing I have time for these days is putting my toon parts together.  But I am loving doing that!  The other night I decided to try and take a character through different stages of life.  I used the same hair, just played with color and style and used parts from three different characters for the bodies....

I realized, after making all of them that, while that could be a single person, it could also be a family.... now what do I do with them?

After I was done with that I remembered that I need a Graduation card for a friend's daughter...but I didn't have a darker skinned female character, of course I was off to buy one! (nothing like spending $32 for a PORTION of a card!  Pitiful!  I hate to admit it but I think I'm a little bit obsessed with these characters!  found here:  And of course the 10 you can find over at ... at an AMAZING PRICE!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Toon Character Play.

I have been playing again.  I couldn't help myself, I bought the 10 Toon Characters on ... The main reason I decided to add these 10 characters to my other two is so I can mix and match the pieces.  As you may be able to tell, I used a female head with a man's body...but, I don't think you can tell that in the final picture.

The girl below is another where I pull different pieces to create the final..."WAIT!"  Her hair is actually from this little girl, I just deleted the pigtails...and the long part behind her back is the same as the front just flipped upside down and stretched.... A whole new character!
 And again, I used the same hair for this guy, just changed the color a bit.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Samantha" Font Play

I am so excited to have a new font ... "Samantha" ... LOVING IT!

Here is a quick example that I did and shared on my friends and family Facebook page.  
Then, when people started "liking" it I started adding their names to it and sharing with are a few:

I was able to get it on sale for only $17 !!!  HERE ... It is normally $75.  According to the site the sale is over  in 26 hours so if you want it HURRY!!!

Warning though, it is an Opentype font so you can only add the swirly bits if you have software that can handle it.  Like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, the latest version of Coreldraw and such.  It is still a pretty "upright" font without all the extras but you know, I like me some swirly bits!  I have actually wanted to use Opentype fonts for YEARS but couldn't because I didn't have the right software.  Feeling very blessed now!  :-)

Friday, May 1, 2015

A FANTASTIC Site for Fonts! (that aren't free)

Just had to share...

I have discovered a new (to me) place to buy fonts and other graphics, brushes and such ...CHEAP!!!  If you have been around long you know that I AM A FONT FREAK!!!  and today I went shopping... normally that is a very bad thing, but today it was a deal!  I got a package of ten fonts for $27 that would have been over $400 if I had purchased each individually from other sites.  I know this to be a fact because I plan to get this set of characters in a few days that cost $64 for ten different characters.  If you don't want to customize each character you can get lots of poses of each character for only $24 for all characters and their poses.  SUCH A DEAL!!!  I hate to admit it but I just bought two of the characters a couple weeks ago and paid $64 for the two!  The font site is HERE

the $24 version of one of the characters looks like this:

The more expensive version would have different, eyebrows, eyes, mouths, poses, arms and such that you can put together yourself if you use Art Illustrator. 

an example of something I put together with the set I purchased a few weeks ago (and paid $32 just for one character!)

AND, THERE IS A 10% off coupon HERE

OH! and according to the site these deals are for only a few days so if you are interested you need to hurry!

Monday, April 13, 2015

SVG Files Used to Make Baby Cards....

For the last two weeks I have been in brain OVERLOAD!!!  I have been learning five different software packages all at once! 

It all started with my PC crashing, then the very next day a friend called to offer to buy me a Macbook and a large monitor if I would do some video editing for her!  Thank you Father God for answering prayers before they are even offered up!

That happened just after I had ordered a Cricut  Explore Air....OH MY GOODNESS!  So much to buy, and learn, and buy, and buy, and buy!

Yesterday I made three "card in a box" cards for a friend to give with some baby gifts she needed cards for.... (she was THRILLED with the results :-)

Cute?  Yes!

I got the crib pattern  from SGVCUTS HERE...CUTE!!  And for only $6.99!  That includes svg files for five different finished products!  AWESOME PRICE!

I made the names using a really cool FREE font, made by Kay Hall, that was made to stand up from a card.  You can get that HERE.

The babies are cricut files on this cartridge...

The bear is from this cartridge:

The Giraffe is from this cartridge:

The little elephant is a Martha Stewart punch:

No, I didn't have to buy all those cartridges...yet... the items I used on these are included with the Cricut subscription.  You get two free weeks of subscription when you register a new Cricut machine.  The only thing I had to buy was the crib box from SVGCUTS   Soooo many cute choices there!  Yes, I did buy several of those.

OH! and I already had the elephant punch.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You Can Still Doodle Even When You Use Stamps

This was another stamp from Art Impressions that I got carried away with.  I stamped and colored her then decided to fill in the background around her rather than cutting her out.  After I got the "wallpaper colored there was WAY too much wall so I decided to hand draw family photos around her...then of course I had to add the cake and the potted plant.  I have a feeling a dog will show up next, but I am calling her done for now.

Oh! And I really don't love the hair on the original stamp so that was easy enough to modify... And, OF COURSE, she needed a necklace...So, even though I have started using more stamps lately I still do my doodling.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Using What I Bought

I One of the things I am notorious for is buying stuff then not using it after it gets here... This week I ordered 250 pages of solid 12"x 18" white label paper.  I remember that sometime last year I did a major search for larger paper but now I can't for the life of me remember why!  but, as soon as I saw it I ordered it... I got it today so I was determined to do something with it!

I used my vinyl cutter to cut the word "chosen", one of my favorite because it reminds me that I was chosen by God to be in His family.  I was able to make it 12"x 7"!!  All at once, from a single sheet.  Love that!  I would have had to break it up if I had used a standard 8.5"X11" sheet.  

I use regular vinyl for the black background so it will stick to whatever I decide to mount it on later...right now it is just waiting.  I see all kinds of things I wish I would have done differently (of course) but at least now I see what to fix.

Oh! I colored the letters with my Spectrum Noir markers.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

DIY Binder Insert Strips ... Recycle!

A few days ago someone on Facebook asked where to get these:

I will admit that these strips are not that expensive but if you need them in a hurry and you have the supplies on hand .....  My first response was "make them yourself" and I explained how I would do I decided to do a little tutorial.

1- find heavy plastic that is at least 9.5" long.  I have used transparencies in the past 

but today I wanted to recycle something...  I used this SPELLBINDERS packaging.

2- Cut the edges off so that you have only the two flat pieces

3- Stick Scor-Pal double stick tape on the very edge of one of the plastic sheets then cut it .75" away from the tape so you now have a strip of acrylic about 1.25" wide (if you use .5" wide Scor-pal tape.

...continue until you have all you need or you run out of packaging... I was able to get a total of six from this a couple more strips I can add .25" to.

4- Using a sheet of 3 hole punched paper mark your hole placement with a sharpie.

5- Punch the three holes... I used a heavy duty punch drill to punch through three pieces at a time, that way I only had to mark one.  You can probably tell from this close up that the three strips are different sizes...sorry!  I didn't measure, I just cut.

6- I removed the protective paper and stuck the piece of acrylic to the back side of a ruler...of course it can be stuck to the back of most anything you want to add to your 3 ring binder.

And here it is in my binder, ready when I need it!

Just FYI this is my SCRAPRACK Create and Carry Binder 

that I am loading with all my jewelry making tools, beads and findings.... So now I have a quick, ready to travel jewelry making kit!  So, I will definitely need a ruler!

30 Day Color Challenge

Hi all it has been a while!  Sorry about that...It seems I start every post that way now.  I hate to admit it but I haven't done much doodling for months now! So that means no blog posts.  I have been trying to get this place organized... I even put a work table in my living room! I figure, since I live alone I can do whatever I I did!  I will post a photo soon, I'm just afraid to take it now, I am using my iPad to write this and it can be temperamental at times and I end up losing everything!

Anyway, I have decided to take a 30 day Color challenge hosted by Kathy Racoosin just to get myself active again!  I started yesterday with this... A set of Art Impressions stamps (created for Michael's) ...  Colored with Spectrum Noir markers


My initial intent was to fussy cut around each character then use them separately later...but then I saw the legs of the chairs and thought NO WAY! So I colored the background around them.  That's why he looks like he is sitting behind her...I would have done it differently if I had started with this finish in mind! Now that I look at it I could still fussy cut everything but the legs then stamp the legs directly to a separate background .... challenge, I will do that and show it.

Anyway, today I decided to use Clear and Simple stamps (sold only through their site) to do samples of different coloring tools, watercolors, alcohol markers, colored pencils, and die based markers:

Nothing special, but I do know that the Spectrum Noir pens were MUCH faster and easier to get the shading done.  I think my favorite will be to use both SN pens with the colored pencils together.



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