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Sunday, March 7, 2010

But I want to know more!

I heard someone say the other day that to become really good at something it is better to do 12 things 4000 times than to do 4000 things 12 times. Well, I hate to admit it but I'm the person that does the 4000 things! As soon as I show myself, I can do something I'm ready to move on to the next I never get REALLY good at anything...sure, I can do it, but not like a master. I would love to be like a master but there's just too many other things "out there" to learn!!
Which brings us to today's thing....last week I wanted to learn how to color other people's stuff ... this week I want to draw my own!

I am just so jealous of folks that can draw from their heads. I so admire those people! And I would love to be able to do that! But, as described above, I can "do it" I'm just not good at it! I look at other people selling their art and say "I want to do that!" But I don't have that "it"...
So, begins the search for lessons on how to draw using a pc. I found a few out on the web so you get to see my first attempt at drawing (WITH A MOUSE!!!) Now, you have to understand that the ONLY reason I'm even showing you this is that I don't really believe that YOU are looking! (I'm just writing an online diary for myself)

First off, I plan to use my mouse as my scapegoat! What a MISERABLE tool for drawing! You think you are doing ok when suddenly the thing takes out across the page leaving a black tail in it's path! Now how did that happen?! I didn't tell it to lock in the "on" position! So, you guessed it, now I'm in the market for a drawing pad w/ pen! Some day....

Today my niece Mattie is my model. Gorgeous, beautiful Mattie... isn't she though?! I like to think of her as a Mini-Me.... Me "back then". OK! OK! I was never that beautiful, or that skinny, and she has a way with words that I can't touch! She writes in a way that makes you anxious to read more. BUT! She has the same passion I do for the Lord, and she loves to create with her hands... Like I said...Mini-Me :-)

So, I know this isn't exactly her...BUT I WAS USING A MOUSE!!! And it was my first time! AND I have no clue how to really use the software! So view with mercy!

OK, I didn't do her hair exactly right, and there's no real shadowing, but not horrible ... kinda like that company that gets you to "Draw this picture and then we'll teach you how to draw" ... I don't know if you would say "That's Mattie!" if you knew her. HEY, I WAS USING A MOUSE!!! OH! and did I mention that I have just enough room on my desk for the mouse to sit?! ZERO moving space! (another reason why the runaway mouse is so perplexing!)

Anyway, drawing lines was all I was trying to learn this time. WAY harder than I hoped it would be. ANY TIPS are MORE THAN WELCOME!!!


I DID IT!!! Its a few hours later. I was thinking about what I wanted to do and it suddenly came to me how!!! OMG and Thank You Daddy GOD!

This is what I'm going for and I DID IT! I have my first "MY VERY OWN" drawing! HA! HAPPY DANCE!



  1. this is wonderful and especially for someone with only space for a mouse on her desk and no room to move it.



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