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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Doing It the EASY WAY!

OK!  Feeling pretty darn dumb today!  I spent HOURS yesterday making that card look somewhat real, and layered.  Today, in about 15 minutes I figured out how to do it the RIGHT WAY!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!
The thing I'm learning, slowly but surely, is that if there is something you want to do, there is probably a button that does it.  I seem to be working on one or two buttons a day so I'm learning the VERY HARD WAY!
The main thing I learned today is how to add a "glow around the outside edge of any element...making it "3-D"  I did that manually yesterday, and I didn't do a very good job of it!
Another thing you may not be able to tell immediately is that you can turn object around so it looks like you are seeing it from a different angle... the bottom flower on each side was the result of duplicating the main flower and twisting it...and making it smaller.
Other new things are the stitches and brads.  I bought those babies from
  • DigiKit - Element-ary Stitches No. 1 - By Carina Gardner
  • DigiKit - Brads - By Vinnie Pearce (you get 200 brads for $2.00) beats the heck out of making them myself !!!  Actually, you can make even more than that by changing the hue... these were actually bright pink, I changed them to coral.

OH!  and one more thing I did to help it look 3D... The picture looks like I printed it and actually made a card from it... NOT!!!  I found a picture of a card and layered my faux card over the front and changed the perspective.  HA!  Gotta love that!

OK, I'm REALLY sick of this coral and brown now!  Time for something different!


  1. Well I don't think your dumb at all, I think you just need to give yourself sometime to learn your new software and you are doing a fab job.

  2. YOU, are a VERY NICE LADY! Thanks for being patient with me and hanging in there!



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