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Saturday, April 10, 2010

LOOK what I made!!!...Stamp On Steroids!

I was given a new challenge this week!  I just never know what is around the corner!  

Four years ago a friend that I used to work with went to work as an Events Planner at a church here in Atlanta.  We haven't seen each other but one time since then.  This week she had a "problem" come up and remembered me...thinking I might be able to help her out.

Their church is having a conference next weekend and the pastor's wife wanted a 5 foot lady on the front of a punching bag.  LOOK what I came up with!!!  I'm excited because its another thing I have never done.  The coloring (dark skin, blonde hair) was her choice, I would have done something different...but  YEA!!!

If you look back at my post on April 2nd you will see that I came up with the face/hair that day.  GOD IS SO COOL!!!  I had NO CLUE why I have been learning and drawing the things I have been this month... now we know :-)

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