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Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You for Loving Mom

The Spotted Chick ( now has a "That's Krafty Thursday" challenge...This week (the first) you just had to use Kraft paper somewhere on the card... any stamp.  That was great because it forced me to think about how the heck to use a "stamp" I just came up with.  I thought when I did it that it would make a good Mother's Day or Father's Day card... soooo
Kraft paper = Dad's day, in my mind ... 

One of the things I use to do when I used real stamps was sponge the outside that I'm trying to do as much as possible BEFORE I print my digital stamps I digitally colored these then "sponged" the edges... I NEED PRACTICE!!  One has too much, then next doesn't have enough...gotta practice!

 I decided to include this picture so you can see why I LOVE coloring on the PC!  I can print this page and be ready with 6 cards, with one page print! 
You can also see in this photo that I saved a version with the "sponging" done in a circle in case I decide to cut it in a circle.

If you look closely at the little boy's shirt... and the dress and hat on the card below, you will see that I used background paper, that I scanned and have saved. If I had known I was going to use the plaid on the card I would have used that for the boy's shirt... Oh time.

Actually.... I am adding this part a few days later... all I had to do the change the boys shirt was open the photo file and change the shirt!  EASY ENOUGH!  Matches better :-)


  1. HOLY COW!! I'm floored!! I would have NEVER known this was done on a computer if you hadn't said so in your post. Absolutely amazing!! Thank you SO much for participating in my "That's Krafty Thursday challenge." Just GOR-JUSS Nancy!

  2. Thanks Jeanie! I started this blog because I wanted to learn how to color w/ my pc... that was March 2nd... (LONG story... but I documented why the blog was required and what I have learned since then.) March 2nd was the first day I even knew there was such an animal as "digital stamps"!

    Anyway, thanks again! N.

  3. fabulous work Nancy, love your computer colouring



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