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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Create Your Own Word Art ... the easy way.

I actually had a method to my madness today.  Welll....sorta.  Last week I discovered Stephanie Ackerman's art and I LOOOOOVE IT!  
But before I show you some of her stuff let me show you where we are going, because I have learned that the first picture shown is what will show up on Blog Links.

Now, examples of Stephanie's work:

I just LOVE the messy, easiness of it!  I love it so much that I bought both of her classes to learn how to doodle!!!  How sad is that?!  I have to be taught to just relax and do it!  Even though I am a VERY MESSY person, I am also a perfectionist so just "letting go" is HARD for me.  But her stuff is SO SIMPLE it should be SO SIMPLE to do, right?!  My brain struggles...but I CAN DO THIS!!! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!!!

But, in the meantime... there are a couple artists, Rani and Jilustration, at Lettering Delights that have the same "feel" and I have now bought almost everything they have available!  They have the same double black outline, primitive like drawing.  CUTE! CUTE stuff!  They can easily be printed out and modified with the shadowing and markings that Stephanie has.  FUN!

Example... The first is a font and a graphic directly from Lettering Delights.  I printed a copy of this then colored and added lines  to the one below
 Same thing, but with my added coloring and drawings...see, kinda has the same feel as Stephanie's.
Neato Alphabet for the words

Other options:
A font that has no color at all like: LDJ Happy Trails Font (then you can use any color you want)
OR, if you take Stephanie's class you get her empty font!!!!

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