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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Letter Ideas

And, this afternoon I played with some letters...just trying to get a good Uppercase is what I came up with... different options and of course I can change the "filler" for each depending on what I'm doing because I like some better than others.

Today I Made a Yarn Stash Book


HUH? What's that you say? Well, I have a friend that knits and yesterday was her birthday soooooo, I decided to make her a book she can track all her yarn in. (no, I'm not worried she will see this, she too busy knitting!)


The guy on the bottom is thinking ... "I knew the new guy wasn't gonna fit!"

Inside pages: 

And I found this idea on  I thought I could put different colored solid ribbons so she could quickly find the "Reds" or "Yellows" etc.

Speaking of  OH MY GOSH!!!  I have found a whole new world!!!  I've known about it for a while but only just last week started using it.  OH MERCY!!!  I have found one of my "happy places!" And I'm having a hard time not just living there!  Come follow me there... click the link below and see what I have pinned already:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Assignment

I have wanted to be able to draw a MALE angel forever! ... because  they are almost never drawn as males and I think they all are... (no mention of female angels anywhere in the Bible...they are all KICK BUTT POWERFUL MEN!)

Anyway, today I did!  This is actually my first ever man of any kind.  I watched a guy on YouTube...Sycra do a "how to" drawing. (you can learn most anything on YouTube!)

And then I worked my PSE magic on it (because when I scanned it I noticed how off his left nostril and eye are)   and got this:  if you notice, the right and left sides are almost identical... I copied the right side and flipped it to make the left ... I erased some things but not can see it mostly in the hair.

And then I tried coloring him.... hummm...not lovin' it anyway but then the scanner made it even worse!!!

Below is a really lousy version of him colored in. (he looks completely different >:-/   shoot!

OK!  If you have any suggestions on how to get a better scan PLEASE tell me!!!  The colors are NOTHING like the actual drawing! This is WAY TOO PINK!  OH WELL!  It was good practice using the Pan Pastels anyway....even if a lot of the shading is lost in the scan.  ARGH!!!
Psalm 91:11-12:
 For he will command his angels concerning you

   to guard you in all your ways;  they will lift you up
in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot
against a stone. 

OH!  One more thing!  I just signed up for a free Online class for PSElements by Kim Klassen.  I'm not too sure what she is teaching but its FREE!  Check it out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking Advantage of Technology


Hi All!  I have been off line all week actually DOing!  I have mentioned wanting to draw in several posts lately and this week I did just that.  Unfortunately, nothing is at that "I'm DONE! Finished" place... everything is a piece of something or "I just want to do one more thing to it" stage.  And as I was trying to go to sleep I realized that if I don't post something it could be months before I "finish" something!  Not good.

That, and I really do want to document the tonight I start the documenting of the process.

Here are some of the things I did this week:

This is the scan of the original pencil drawing I did with a regular pencil on cardstock

I liked her, but I needed to add color, and I wanted to do several versions of her to see what I like best, then I'll redraw an original drawing of the one (or more) that I like best ....  SO, I scanned her, whited out the eyes (because the scan was TERRIBLE and the eyes were just black dots ...look at it again...UGH!  So, I white out the eyes and print 4 of her on a piece of cardstock.

And here ya go... her done three different ways:

I'm still not done, I think I like the green one with the word "Why" ... doesn't it look like that's what she thinking?  And there could be many reasons she is asking "Why?" ... "Why did I get cancer?"  "Why did he leave me?"  Whatever... it is just a sad "Why?"

but I moved on to other drawings...I'll get back to her....

Again, here ya go...a TERRIBLE scan (gotta learn what I'm doing wrong!):

modified for printing:

and with some color added:

I will add more color later...She's not there yet... I do like her like this but I want to see what she will look like in full color.

I did these two with a plan to add words ... once I get happy with them.  They are my two little "Bee" attitudes.  I actually did them separately then used PSE to overlap them (that's how I was able to do the transparent wings on the front one).  I practiced with both having black faces and both with yellow... I'm liking the mix of the two.
And then Thursday I got my Pan Pastels!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!  I AM IN LOVE!!!  I also got a little 3.5 x 5 watercolor pad so I decided to just jump right in and not worry about messing up, just go for it!  

Here is what I have done so far:

quick watercolor flower...the border is the PPastels!  AMAZING STUFF... you put it on with a makeup sponge (or the thing that looks like a makeup sponge)  swish/ swish and you are done!!!

 And here I was messing with color combinations and possible future borders ... and, I wondered if I could draw AFTER I put the Pan Pastels down...yes... I colored the stripe first then did the flowers on the right side of the page:

And just another watercolor with the borders done with PP

I did the two watercolors after I saw a class being offered by Martha Lever .  I wanted to see if I could do them without the class.  It costs $30 so I am still debating.... tools or class??? or GAS for that matter!  OH MY GOSH!  When will it stop going up?!

Anyway, THAT's where I have been this week!  I have been coloring :-)  I did do some other stuff but it is downstairs in another book... I'll show you that later.

OH!  And welcome to my new followers!  I got a few this week.  I OWE you your "gift"... I know.... I actually did one this afternoon and my computer CRASHED just as I was exporting the file and I lost every bit of, I did what comes naturally and said.... SHOOOOOT!  I'm going to get something to eat! ..... and I did.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I went to Dick Blick Wednesday and bought myself all kinds of colors!  Lots of watercolor pencils (LOVE) and several Copics (OUCH!!!)  I have resisted them this long and finally gave in and got some.  I have to admit I do love the "paintbrush" tip... but OUCH!!!
Since then, I have been playing.... here are a few things that I did from very own self.  


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