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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Letter Ideas

And, this afternoon I played with some letters...just trying to get a good Uppercase is what I came up with... different options and of course I can change the "filler" for each depending on what I'm doing because I like some better than others.


  1. Love 'em! Makes me want to stop what I have to do and go play.

  2. THANKS Zanetta!!! I know exactly what you mean...the only difference is, I tend to actually stop everything and go play...BAD ME!

    I tell what I have done... I bought a small bound bristol pad... and "kitted" up all my necessary pencils/pens/erasers and take them EVERYWHERE I go now so that if there is just a moment of time, I sit and doodle to my hearts content...

    I am making address labels right now for a "followers" mail out using the above font so I'm getting practice and tell myself it is "important work" :-) HA! I cut up full sheets of label paper into quarters so they are easy to grab and "play". Much less intimidating that a full sheet! I have no clue what I'm mailing but the labels will be ready when I figure something out!

  3. I love that you take your goodies with you to work on. Keep smiling and creating, that alphabet is gorgeous!!

  4. I'm happy to discover your blog. Your calligraphy is GORGEOUS! I'm printing these ideas to try them myself. Thanks!

  5. HEY BONNIE!!! Thanks so much! I'm actually thinking of making it into a real True Type font to sell, since I have to software to do it already and I need to sell something!!!! so I can buy more toys ya know...I didn't get nearly enough "stuff" today :-)

  6. HEY!! I found your font on pinterest and I'm in love with it! I'm 35 weeks pregnant with a little girl we are naming Savannah! I want your font on her wall in her nursery! Do you think there is any way we could do this??

  7. Hi Erin! CONGRATULATIONS!! Of course there is a way! Several as a matter of a fact. I can do it from scratch on canvas. I can cut it from vinyl to put on the way... or on a piece of acrylic that can be framed, or just hung with a ribbon... OR, I sell the font and you can play with it yourself. It would be slightly different that the pictured version though because the lowercase letters aren't so "over and under" like the freehand version. If you send me your email I can type the true type version of Savannah up for you so you can see that.
    Mine is or

    THANKS FOR THE CONTACT!!! Don't ya just LOVE Pinterest! Addicted!

  8. Hi I found your idea on pinterest. I am very interested in purchasing the right to use one of your fonts. How do I do this? My phone number is 850-356-1112



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