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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Love is ...

Love is .... an ACTION verb!

I did this May the 6th..but at first I had it saying "Love is a Verb"... true that, but I just didn't feel like it was enough... it had to say "action"... so it has been just sitting here, untouched.  But, I don't have anything to load today because I was busy with recycling bottle ideas.  

I decided that I would take the easy way out and add my new PW Doodle font.  I blocked out what was there and typed what I wanted it to say....making it a hybrid. Unfortunately, I saved the original scan at 72 pixels, not nearly enough to modify, and I don't know where the original is...somewhere, under something else... you can see the difference...shoot!

Lessons Learned:
- save all scans at 300 in case I need to print them... then save again at 72 to upload.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thought I'd Give PollyWolly Doodle TTF a POP!


That was my plan anyway, but I got a bit carried away and had to dig myself out of the hole I got in!

First I printed a black "A" onto white card stock. Cut it, and folded it into a regular size card.  

Whole True Type Font: Only $10.00

Buy now

I haven't done anything with the top "A" yet... I used the bottom "A".  Please note the gray behind the black.  That is my new favorite thing to do with my new font...I can add the shadow on the PC so now I don't have to guess where the silly thing goes anymore!  It is right there!... It is fairly light so it disappears if I'm using a dark color, but I know where it is...If I'm using a light color it is good enough to just color over it and a darker version of the color shows

THEN I sat down to color...and the more I colored the less you could see the "A"  ... It got kinda busy.  But, I've decided that if I'm not gonna do my favorite ... black and white ... I'm gonna use color, and lots of it!  

See what I had to do?  I had to use a white pen to outline the "A" just so you could see it!  BUT, look what that does!  It almost has a "velum" look to it... ALMOST like it was printed on velum then cut and stuck down.   Hummmmm.... there is some potential there.

Lessons learned:
- don't try to color directly onto the folded card because the ink went through and I had to cut it and stick it onto another card (see the black and b/w border? that is card stock, not part of the original drawing)

- don't go crazy with color, design really, behind, or near, the letter

- you can't trust a white pen to be opaque, the best you will get is a muted version of the color below, but, that can work for you if you need a translucent look.

Whole True Type Font ONLY $10!

Buy now

Monday, June 27, 2011

Polly Wolly Doodle Font!!!

WHOOHOO!!!  I am SO EXCITED!  I made my Journaling font into a True Type Font!!!  So I FINALLY have something to sell!  AND anyone can have a fun font!  CHECK IT OUT!!!
Because it is TT you load it onto your PC just like any other font, and use it the same way!  However, there are a few things you need to know... see below
The caps are designed so that the lower case will fit snuggly "in" them, in the middle.  They are NOT created to use "TOGETHER" in a word, some may overlap if you try.  If you have software to move letters around that would work though.

Only $10.00


NOT This:
But, sometimes you get lucky and they don't look bad together:
All are "see through" so you can make other items appear to be behind the letters. Or, said another way...where you see white, it is actually transparent
They look really great and somewhat 3D if a shaddow is added either by hand once printed or with a second gray layer of the same text behind the orignal...slightly offset.

 PLEASE share the link with everyone you think might like it!  I will have to email the file to you so please give me 24 hour turnaround.  I will send ASAP, I promise!  

Ways I have used it:

Friday, June 24, 2011

You Have To Be Different

I just finished this last night... started it week before last... 

Lessons Learned:

- I don't like 9"x12" paper!  There is TOO MUCH space to fill!  
- A regular black sharpie works best to outline when everything is this large.

Two Hearts

Nothing much to say...I wish it had better depth... I LOVE the red!  That's the color I spent lots of $ to finally get!  Unfortunately it took almost every red I have to finally make it the color I wanted.

Lessons Learned:
I knew when I started that I wanted the lines intertwined and 3Dish... I should have made them all consistantly smaller on one end and larger on the other so it looks like they are going away from me... they don't even look "under" and "over" to me... hummm

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Never Too Old To Color

It is all I can do not to tweek everything I do with Photoshop.  It could look so much better but since this is as far as it gets there really isn't any point!  It is what it is... 

The good news is, I see what does and doesn't work with every attempt.  Looking forward to the "Just Right" place.

I started with no end in mind.. just that I wanted to use turquoise, red and yellow

- Started w/ border...
- Added flower then leaves so that brought green into the mix
- decided to try paisleys because I've never drawn one...and clearly I had no clue what to put inside of one!  (I need to find some pictures!)  I'm happy with the two large ones because they have a 3-D feel... the other two, ugh.
- then I had to figure out what the heck to do with the rest... ho-hum...gotta get better...that's the hard part for me...filling the "white" space
- last minute decision to add the needed to say something!

I drew it on a homemade spiral bound half sheet of regular printer paper then when I finished it I decided it would look better on black so I tore it out and mounted it on black card stock.

I Didn't Feel Like Drawing...Hybrid

On Monday I bid and "won" (HA!) a set of "Pastel" Tombow Brush markers on Ebay and they came in today.  I can't believe I even bid on them because I am so NOT a "pastel" lover!  But, I did, and I I decided that I would force myself to use them on something.  I really wasn't in the mood to draw today anything so I  went HERE and printed out this chicken:

My number one rule was that I could only use the new markers  (and black and white OF COURSE) and I had to use all of them.  I was pleasantly surprised when all but one color was brighter than expected.... this is what I ended up with:

I'm embarrassed to admit that I also bid on a set of 72 Marvey Le Plume markers and won those too!!! FOR SHAME!!!  But I got them for $43.05+ !!! THAT is a GREAT DEAL! The same thing would have cost me $155.70+ at Dick Blick online!  Whew....OK, feeling better about the purchase now...Confession really is good for the soul :-)

I think YOU should go print a chicken out and see what you come up with!  Coloring is a good thing.  If you do PLEASE comment with a link so I can see...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This one is all markers, except this time I added some sequins...the things that look like black dots are actually red sequins. so that gives you a clue to how terrible this scan is!  I don't know my scanner has several settings and I don't know what to use, none of them seem to scan ACTUAL!  SHOOT!  I guess I should take pictures instead, but I'm lazy, sorry.

I like the look of the "W" so you will probably see that again. :-)

If you would like an explanation of what I mean by what it says I wrote about it on another of my blogs, Life Lessons, last year (I just added the above there today)

OK, that's it... go draw something...and don't forget "Whatever HE says DO IT!" The miracle  may be waiting on YOU!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Went to Dick Blick yesterday and came home with more markers...head hanging in shame...

Now, on the subject of markers, I have managed to get at least a few of several brands and I now have favorites.... sit down for this.... but the Copic is my LEAST favorite one!  I am so confused by people's obsession with the TOO EXPENSIVE markers!  They bleed through the paper (HATE THAT) and did I mention they are TOO EXPENSIVE!!!

Anyway, let me get off my bandwagon and tell you the ones I do love and why.

1. ZIG Brushables... LOVE because they have two GREAT brushes with a lighter/darker version of the color!  LOVE THAT, because I can shade using the same pen... the only problem is they only offer 24 colors (or 48 if you count the double colors)  They are really hard to find,  (in other words, you can't use your 40% off coupons for these)  I got mine from for $2.54 each... I'll admit, I don't love paying even that much for a marker, but, like I said it is my favorite.

2. Stampn'Up! because everything matches everything else...and they have a good brush end, and you can refill them (major plus!) I haven't bought any in AGES but I'm sure they are as good as ever.

3.Tombow Dual Brush Pens ... Great, vibrant colors and good brush tip... easiest found at Dick Blick $2.13 online, $2.59 in the store.... that's right, WAY cheaper to order online!

I did this today using mostly Tombows:

I guess I need to add another part to MY definition of doodling...and that would be, its not perfect (probably one of the hardest things for me to follow!  But the goal for anything I'm doing these days to be FAST and that messes up the need for perfection. And, well heck, its a DOODLE!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I did a mailing and used these drawings for the address on the envelopes.  The address was tucked in under the last part of the name.  Some have "flowers", some don't ... I used those where it made some sense to me because of the white space and how far I had already gotten with the name.  If your name is here you are welcome to save it if you want.

True Type Font Now AVAILABLE ONLY $10.00!

ONLY $10.00!

Sure you could do this yourself...but it will take a while, buy the font and just type it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Broken Heart

Yesterday I wanted to see if I could draw something that looked 3D so I covered the left page with the red and purple...there wasn't a big heart.  Today when I was looking at it I thought it could look like a broken heart so I started erasing the right parts to form a shape (gotta love pan pastels!) Unfortunately the scan/save process magnified the pink...try to ignore.  I couldn't get it all off but I got my shape... it needed words so I added these.  Don't you just hate when someone breaks your heart but you can't stop loving them!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today's Doodling

OK, I'm having too much fun "doodling" now, here's today's....

Now that its "finished" I hate that the colors don't look good together!  Every bit of it was testing the color more than the design....all the beads are new markers I have and I wanted to see what they looked like in the book.  And the "JUNE" is colored with PrismaColor Nupastels...I got those because I learned this week that you can add water and blend colors!  And it worked!  Loving that!  Now that I look at it though, I covered the blended colors with the black...hummmm...oh well, I saw that it worked.  

Actually here was the original test:
 great coverage and good blending!  YAY!!!

OH!  Did you notice what I am doing with one of my $1 books... WAY cheaper than other paper to practice/test/doodle on!!


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