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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Never Too Old To Color

It is all I can do not to tweek everything I do with Photoshop.  It could look so much better but since this is as far as it gets there really isn't any point!  It is what it is... 

The good news is, I see what does and doesn't work with every attempt.  Looking forward to the "Just Right" place.

I started with no end in mind.. just that I wanted to use turquoise, red and yellow

- Started w/ border...
- Added flower then leaves so that brought green into the mix
- decided to try paisleys because I've never drawn one...and clearly I had no clue what to put inside of one!  (I need to find some pictures!)  I'm happy with the two large ones because they have a 3-D feel... the other two, ugh.
- then I had to figure out what the heck to do with the rest... ho-hum...gotta get better...that's the hard part for me...filling the "white" space
- last minute decision to add the needed to say something!

I drew it on a homemade spiral bound half sheet of regular printer paper then when I finished it I decided it would look better on black so I tore it out and mounted it on black card stock.


  1. I hope I never get to old to color :O) luv your page dear very nice :O)

  2. Thanks so much lizmaynz! And thanks for stopping by, please come back soon!

  3. Did you use markers? If so, what kind? If not, how did you get such vibrant colors?

    1. Gosh Angela! This was 5 years ago so this is gonna be a guess. I know it was markers and I'm almost certain that it was Tombow Duel brush. ( ... its a guess because I tend to collect all things that color but those are my favorite so I'm guess that's what I used.



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