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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thought I'd Give PollyWolly Doodle TTF a POP!


That was my plan anyway, but I got a bit carried away and had to dig myself out of the hole I got in!

First I printed a black "A" onto white card stock. Cut it, and folded it into a regular size card.  

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I haven't done anything with the top "A" yet... I used the bottom "A".  Please note the gray behind the black.  That is my new favorite thing to do with my new font...I can add the shadow on the PC so now I don't have to guess where the silly thing goes anymore!  It is right there!... It is fairly light so it disappears if I'm using a dark color, but I know where it is...If I'm using a light color it is good enough to just color over it and a darker version of the color shows

THEN I sat down to color...and the more I colored the less you could see the "A"  ... It got kinda busy.  But, I've decided that if I'm not gonna do my favorite ... black and white ... I'm gonna use color, and lots of it!  

See what I had to do?  I had to use a white pen to outline the "A" just so you could see it!  BUT, look what that does!  It almost has a "velum" look to it... ALMOST like it was printed on velum then cut and stuck down.   Hummmmm.... there is some potential there.

Lessons learned:
- don't try to color directly onto the folded card because the ink went through and I had to cut it and stick it onto another card (see the black and b/w border? that is card stock, not part of the original drawing)

- don't go crazy with color, design really, behind, or near, the letter

- you can't trust a white pen to be opaque, the best you will get is a muted version of the color below, but, that can work for you if you need a translucent look.

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