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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

100% Computer This Time

I have worked with CorelDraw since Version 1.0...YEARS and YEARS now.  But, I only know what I know from pushing buttons to see what they will do.  Once I learn what I need I stop there and work with what I know.  One thing I have always wanted to do but just never bother to figure out is fitting letters into a space.

Like this:

and obviously, today I figured it out!

- Copy/Pasted text from Biblegateway...just so I didn't have to type it.
- Changed font to "AL Boogie Woogie"
- Drew the shapes I wanted to fit the text into
- Used Control K to break all the words apart.  This is the new part I learned today.  If you have a paragraph of text you can hit Ctrl K to break the paragraph down into sentences. Ctrl K again breaks it down into words.  Ctrl K on a selected word breaks it into letters...
- THEN you can do whatever you want to with the letters...stretch/shrink/skew...but, if you want to move the nodes around you have to convert the letter into "curves" and you can move it to your hearts content.

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