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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flower Girl Collage

I was out surfing the web this morning and saw a collage done that I just loved; ((HERE).  Donna Downey had taken a piece of flower patterned cardstock and cut the flowers out and pasted them onto her journal page.  I LOVED IT!  So, I decided I would give it a try..but you will see that I OBVIOUSLY looked at her's once and not again, because mine is TOTALLY different!  I like her's much better, but, mine is ok too.  This is my original (again, the scan is HORRIBLE!  All of the background colors should be a pale yellow!  there is ZERO orange in the background of  the original!  And I don't know how to fix it!  I guess I really need to take pictures instead of scanning.  ARGH!!!

If you looked at her's you will see that the proportions are completely different...  She started out with a smaller journal and the original 12x12 card-stock.... Mine is bigger and just a copy of the card stock.  I decided that since I just wanted to see what I could do with the idea  I cheated and made the copy... When I make it again I want the REAL piece of card stock!  This was done in a quickie, cheap card stock spiral bound "prototype" book that I made for testing ideas.. I do that a lot, if I like it then I will re-do it on  in a good journal.  As it turns out, it is probably one of the favorite things I've done and now its on a throw away journal! SHOOT!

However, I'm sure you've noticed that I liked her well enough to add her to my header!...the wonders of cropping!

I have had a clock that I wanted to do something with for a while so here ya go...


  1. Love all your doodling... Very fun, light-hearted and creative of you! Never let the doodling child in you disappear. :-)

  2. THANKS Snappy Di! I decided about a month ago to get out of the comfortable box I've been in my whole life and "JUST DO IT!" I love this whole new world of "sloppy is good, perfection not the goal".... it is very freeing. I would have never shown anyone anything but blogging helps because I don't really believe anyone is "out there" looking! I use it as a "diary" of what/when... and I'm thrilled to have someone stop by and comment! THANK YOU!!!
    BTW, I did this same thing to a clock yesterday...I need to take a picture and blog that. Hummm...maybe I'll go do that now!



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