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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hebrews- Chapter 1

I started Hebrews Chapter 1 yesterday and finished it today. 

 I did a few things different this time.  In James I had the text of the chapter on the facing don't see that on the blog.  I didn't love that because people looked at the pictures but not the text so they really didn't know what it was saying.  OK, that's a horse, but what about the horse?  So this time, I printed the chapter out on clear label paper and did a LOT of cutting!...that's why it took so long!  Not only the cutting, but figuring out where to put it!  I'm not too crazy about this method either, but we'll see, maybe it'll get better.

There were a couple of things I wish now, that it is too late, I would have done differently.  The whole chapter really is about Jesus, but that isn't all that obvious at first glance of the pictures... I wish I would have written his name really big in the middle then had off shoots from it.  I added the red "Jesus", on the left side, last because I felt like it needed to be somewhere and that was the only spot left!

Now, about the decision I made to hide his face. hummmmmm..... not sure I made the right decision now that it is done.  The reason I did it in the first place is that I don't know what he will look like in Heaven...heck, we don't even know what he looked like here!  But, in Heaven will he just be a glow?... I don't know???  But the further along I got with the page I realized that a portion of his face was going to be showing anyway so I kinda blew that plan!

Another really hard decision for me to make was to put wings on the angels.  I don't personally believe they have wings, it doesn't say they do anywhere... but how would you know they were angels without them?  And that really is the point, right?  When they make their "appearance" here they DON'T have wings...they look just like everyone else!  I actually lost a little job for the pastor's wife one time because I wanted to have angels that looked like a man with a hard hat, or a doctor, or policeman...because THAT IS WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!  Otherwise we would say..."there goes an angel".  If they had wings we would know who was and who wasn't!  Right?  (And don't even get me going on those silly little cupid things they sell as angels!  Wouldn't the devil just love for you to believe that is all that is protecting you!  NOT!!!  Angels are big BURLY men, able to KICK BUTT!)   ANYWAY, I had to sacrifice my belief for clarity.  SHOOT!

Year before last I took the "Read the Bible through in 90 days" Challenge... I read it cover to cover in 64 days.  I am ashamed to say that was the first time I had ever done that!...cover to cover...I tend to jump around.  Let me tell you what... straight through is THE WAY to read it!  I was shocked at the things I learned doing it that way... and doing it that fast was good too because I was able to "follow" it better that way....I am really bad about running after rabbits and never getting back to the original starting place...OR, just giving up because I hit Leviticus and who wants to take days and days to read that?!   But the point I want to make here is that even though you read the words, you don't "see" them the same way you do when you are thinking about how to draw them.  If you look to the left, mid-way down, there is a little picture of Jesus' hands, rolling up the universe like a garment!!!  It says he will do that!  WOW!  The words take on a whole new life for me now.  Now, I'm off...on to chapter 2.  

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