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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Book of James

You can probably tell by now that I REALLY want to do a journal... but I REALLY don't have anything to say!  I have tried my whole life to write in a diary/journal and get about a week into it and think "WHY?!"  Don't like that much "self focus"!!

I was thinking about all of the above last week and I was reminded "to seek ye first, the kingdom of God"... I don't do that very well either! Sure, I seek (some) but certainly not FIRST.  OUCH!  So, I decided then and there to make an art journal of books of the Bible.  I ordered new pads of paper to do it and they came in today... so, here is my first...James, Chapter 1.

I not really certain why I started with James...except it probably is one of my favorites.  It is the "meat" of how to live a life of righteousness...and I tend to camp there a lot.

I just started, one verse at a time and hoped I would have enough room to get through the chapter!  It was close...I may have done some things a little different with more room...but that's okay...I accomplished what I set out to accomplish....1 chapter, 1 page.  I wonder if anyone else can "read" it.  HA!  The good news is, I can... and it is forcing me to THINK about each verse.  MUCH needed discipline!

AND, I had FUN!

Added 7/20/2011

I finished all of James last night...

One thing I did that I would recommend if you want to try something like this...
I printed each chapter out and tape it to the back of the previous page so that I could take my pad and pencil with me everywhere and draw when I could.  I drew the horse and boat while sitting in my car waiting for a friend I was picking up at the airport.... no wasted time.

Lessons learned:

  1. - Read the whole chapter first, not just one verse at a time.
  2. - I used ZERO visual references, it was all from my head....soooooo, there are things that really aren't great representations of what they are.... Like chapter 3:4.... the thing in the water is SUPPOSE to be a rudder... a friend let me know quick, that is not what a rudder looks like...  oops... well, its a rudder to me...
  3. - Every chapter was a little different... For chapter 3 I tried to incorporate the verse number into the I can now look at it and know exactly what verse it represents...I like that...but I gave up on that by chapter 4... In chapter four there were main "word" ideas ... and by chapter 5 I was drawing stuff I never dreamed I could!  Hummmm....He does indeed "fill in the ability gap"!!!
  4. - I now know why I started with James... first, James was a very visual writer!  Almost every verse could be drawn... second, I NEEDED to know what it said!
  5. - I am AMAZED at how much I can remember of James now, and what I learned while meditating on it one verse at a time.  I came away saying...WOW!  I'm not "there" yet...gotta WATCH WHAT I SAY!!!
  6. - The last couple of days I have been tempted to spend on things I don't need...but really want...and my little picture of the girl praying for $ with wrong motives, and the self-indulgent fat man pops in my brain... NOPE not gonna give way to temptation!
This was an amazing exercise!  I totally recommend that you give it a try.  No excuses!  I started saying "but I can't draw"...I really wish I could make you understand how much I don't believe I can draw....and so I don't.    Okay, I'm pretty good at Pictionary,but that's about it.  You may not have noticed, but by the last chapter, my drawing, and ideas got better... I never looked at anything for reference, I just sat on my sofa and drew ... THAT is a perfect example of God filling in the gaps ...where we are weak He takes over! 


  1. I think it's beautiful and an awesome way to commit it to memory. I like my life most when it is boring, it means there are no trials and tribulations. You are a blessed person indeed. Thanks for sharing. I like this idea and may just do it myself. I'm going to a journaling workshop this weekend, so I'm thinking that this was not a coincidence.James is one of my favs too. Thanks again!

  2. HI TEAH!!! So nice to "meet" you!! PLEASE do it (journal the Bible) too!! I was thinking today how cool it would be for other people to do it so we could share and compare. To see how other people would draw the same thing.

    You are right about the memory thing... I am such a visual person! (I think everyone on Pinterest is) I NEED something visual to remember stuff! A few years ago I worked for a small Christian company that let me do a devotional every Tuesday...which is SO NOT ME! Never did it before but was so anointed to do it then! (shocking to me) Every single week the Lord would give me an idea and a visual THING that I could give each person to put on their desk to help them remember the devotion! It was so much fun to see what I would do each week because on Monday I was always clueless!

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!! Come back I'm almost half way through chapter 2 now. :-)

    OH! And just so you know, I have always been totally self-conscious about "not being able to draw" until I discovered the world of doodles...Then I started saying "Heck! I can do THAT!" (I can do all things, right?) But, everything I do comes with a struggle to "put it out there".

    THANK YOU for your positive comments! I can not wait to see what you doo-dle! If you know anyone else that might want to join in, lets start something!

  3. Just found this today (busy month!). Love it, and truly appreciate the comments and observation that your focus/artwork improved as you went along. God qualifies the called, not the other way 'round!

    Would love to see more of these, join a journal-along, or whatever!

  4. Love, love, love these!! Psalms would be a great one to do! (of course, that could take the rest of your life! lol)

  5. Hey, thanks Brown Recluse! Listen, I've taken it down to one verse a day so you are so right it will would take FOREVER!!! I would LOVE to see your Psalms though! I have been thinking about doing James again in a more organized way... cause right now I think I might be the only person that can look at it without the Bible open and know what it says!!! OH, and I am also trying to read the Bible Kay Arthur's way...adding visuals to the actual text so that soaks up A LOT of time! ... but I do want to do more like James .... TIME! I NEED MORE TIME!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

  6. I think I will do a Psalms chapter. If I do, I'll post it in my blog and give you a link. I one who doesn't draw so'll see.

  7. Absoutely awsome! I was thinking exactly the same thing the other night and decided though I am to an orbit I would play around dong the same thing. I am so impressed that you have gotten so much done! I love your work! I can't
    wait to learn more about you!

  8. the phrase that doesn't make any sense ((to an orbit) should have been not an artist. Sorry, I don't know how that happened except that I type extremely fast!

  9. Hi Elizabeth! That's funny! I was wondering :-) If you read some of my postings you will quickly discover that I feel the same way! I'm not much of an artist either... but I keep plugging away at it and pray that at least the message gets across. And, I have noticed that God REALLY DOES make up the difference is what I can and what I feel I can't do! When I finish some things I go, "WoW! I didn't do that! That happens when I write some emails to folks too, I reread some things and go, "MAN! That's good! Wish, I'd thought of that!" :-) Anyway, please do join me, it has changed my life.
    Listen, be sure and stay in touch!

  10. Your "doodles" are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing them. I'm currently doing a series on James on my blog ( It is one of my favorite books. It is amazing how much James was able to say in just 5 short chapters.

    God Bless,


    1. Hi John! I agree, no fluff stuff in the book of James! Thanks for stopping in and letting me know you did.
      Blessings backatcha!

  11. Love you journal of James. So inspiring. I think James might be the most favorite book of the NT, the most popular book. Thank you!

  12. I have been looking for ideas on how to study God's Word and I came across your drawings and your studies. I love them and I can draw so I'm going to try it for myself and pray it helps me memorize the scriptures better. You're and inspiration to learning God's wonderful Word!



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