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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Matthew 5: 14,16

I just wanted to show that your idea doesn't have to take a long time (for people that really don't have much time).  This literally took me 10 minutes!  and most of that was looking for the permission to use the picture!  

1. I goggled "city lights" and found tons but I just LOVED this one!
2. Found Terms of Use permission... I got it from  Visible Earth ( ... they allow use as long as you give them the credit
3. Opened it in Corel, copy/pasted the scripture, changed it to white text...
4. Saved

There are several other ideas running in my mind... I have a couple of friends who spend every Saturday morning volunteering at a horse camp where they let children with various health problems ride...they are spotters... and take care of the horses... They are  definitely shining their lights. 

I  have another friend that does transports about once a week.  Meaning she volunteers to transport  an animal scheduled to be "put down" the next day to someone willing to foster it or give it a full time home. 

I explain it better HERE   Light shining.  I could have added the scripture to her picture.  Oh!  And she would give them all homes if she could afford it!  She already has 13(?) cats, 3 birds and a dog!...but every run I make with her she wishes she could keep the animal!

I hang with some good people.

Today's scripture was super simple!

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