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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mark 11:22,24

OK!  I will not tell a lie, this is NOT the scripture for today, but it IS MY scripture for today!  I find myself it need of a MAJOR FAITH OVERHAUL so I have been sitting here for the last 6 days listening to the 2011 Believer's Convention...over and over, until I GOT IT! WHOOHOO!!!  It basically comes down to this.... You either BELIEVE GOD or you don't!  I DO!This is the first drawing I've done since last Thursday and I haven't watched any other "tv" since (I don't want to pollute what I have gained!)This is one of the scriptures they stayed on and it is just so good that I decided to do something with it.

I wasn't going to comment on the "design" but now that I see it here, I'm really liking the look of it!  Sure, as always I wish I had done some things differently but that happens when you just start drawing without a plan!  Example, the very first word I wrote was "WHATEVER" and now I wish it would have been bigger and used some of the space above it.  That was less obvious before I started drawing all those little circles!Speaking of little circles... aren't they kinda cool looking?  It almost looks like a pebble background that I put the other on top of... but it isn't, just a BUNCH of little circles.  If you look closer though you can see that I used a grayish marker on the left side of the large circles and then I used the same marker to go around all the it a 3-D look. ... which is always my goal.  I like to give the illusion.Anyway, that's all.

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