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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Precious In His Sight

and just pencil, before ink and color, funny how color changes it!...she's looking in a different direction!

I was looking at a GORGEOUS little girl's picture on the internet.... so that big clump of loops on the left side of her head are peddles of some kind of silk couldn't make out an actual flower, just big loopy looking peddles.  I didn't want to color them so its hard to know what they are here.

OH! and no, it doesn't look like her, I wish.

What I Did:
  1. Drew it with pencil
  2. Scanned and Printed
  3. Colored the printed version. I used markers to color the lips and eyes, and a sharpie for some of the drawn lines. 
  4. Scanned the colored version
  5. Opened the colored version in PSE and used the eye dropper to get the color of the lips and eyes to make a background.  
  6. I used my favorite "watercolor" brush and just "splatted" it with two of the colors.
  7. Added text  


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