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Monday, September 19, 2011

True Doodling

Now this is what I call TRUE DOODLING!  I sat at my computer, watching a movie on Netflix and looking at pictures on Pinterest and doodled.  All except that big mouth lady in the right corner!  I'm not certain what that was about!  I think I started with the big mouth and she just took on a life of her own.  I remember when I was growing up I would draw a funky shape on a piece of paper then try and make a face/head out of it... that is kinda what happened with the big mouth... I started with the mouth and went backwards.  And then I colored her because I just bought some flesh toned markers from Dick Blick and wanted to give those a try.

Then came this one... sitting on the sofa, just trying to come up with some borders.  That's what I do when I don't have anything else in mind to draw.

Then there is this one:

It is the whole chapter of Psalm 112.  Kenneth Copeland said to read it everyday for 60 days to get it deep in my spirit.... to build that faith up... "THIS is what a Blessed life looks like and how I should be living."

I font I used was Majestick.  It is one I had already and just stumbled on the other day while scrolling through my list of fonts.  It is kind of hard to tell but it is exactly like the font I try to draw when I do it by hand!  WHO KNEW!  And of course, I used my own new "Spot" font for the first drop letter.  Once I printed it out I decided to put the border just to add color....and the rest is history.

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