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Monday, October 17, 2011

Faces, I Just Never Know

One of the things I doodle most are lady faces... it is probably my favorite "go to" doodle.  And when I start one I NEVER know what it will look like in the end!  That's why I could never draw comic strips or illustrate a book.  I could never get the same character more than once.

Even though, I pretty much use the same steps every time ... they are still all different:

I actually missed a step... I do usually add an eyelid after step 3, sorry.

See how every step I did the nose different?!  Pitiful!

Now, on these three, I actually drew the eyebrows last, almost as an after thought... I just started with the bottom of the nose.  AND, this was a different kind of exercise.  I drew her once, with no hair, and printed her three times to see how different I could make her using different hair styles and colors... Kinda cool.

ANYWAY, the reason I even thought of doing this post was because I doodled another today and was completely surprised at the result.  Pleasantly so because I love how she came out.

I didn't realize she was gonna be black until I drew her lips.  They ended up being really full. At that point I decided to put the two commas on either side of the nose to make it appear a bit wider....If I had known I was going to do that she wouldn't have the original black line down the middle of her nose!  I used a single Copic marker for the skin and just went over the shaded areas several times.  I think it is so interesting how people will use 3 or 4 different shades to color a single face.  NOT NECESSARY!  I don't think anyway. (Unfortunately, the original shading looks sooooo much better than this scan) That has always been my main objection to Copics.  I think it is just crazy to spend $20-$25 to produce a single item (face, hair, whatever!)

That's it!  Have a great day!


  1. Your work is AWESOME and very inspirational! Thank you so much for all you do!! :)

  2. DR!!! THANK YOU!!! It's so funny how critical we are of our own stuff and never really feel good about it...I gotta get over that!
    Thanks again, n.



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