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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It HAD to be fixed!

I can not tell a lie.... there is a tab bit of perfectionism in me that comes out some times!  I drew and posted this

the other day and it about got the better of me.  Its kinda like when you see a flaw in a diamond you can see nothing else.... that's the way I am about this frame.  It is just too asymmetrical for me... there needs to be leaves on the left side too!...and that swill is all blotched up.  But, there was no fixing it in Scribbler Too, there is no eraser and just one undo....Painful! And, I was determined to show the real results because that is what the software does.... if I fixed it you couldn't see the actual results.

OK, so I stood it as long as I could and today I opened it up in CorelPaint and fixed it!  Leaves on both sides and the outside "ribbons" are the same (literally, copied and flipped)  I left the off shoots around the flowers alone, not because I loved them, but because I didn't want it to be an exact mirror image or too matchy matchy, ya know?  OH!  and I stretched them down some so that the opening would be larger.... `Here ya go:

I feel better now :-)


  1. I thought it was great yesterday...and it is even better some small subtle way, a couple leaves...both are fabulous!



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