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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doodles From My Book

Not much to say ... I found out this week that I'm doing a craft show next week so I've been busy making things for that.  It is the best kind of craft show, where you drop everything off one day and pick it back up several days later... no sitting hoping you sell something!  YES!

I am planning on creating monthly doodle pads to sell so I was looking through the things I have already drawn and found these three things that I never posted.  I wish they had scanned better because I really like the frame of the top left one and its hard for you to see why.

OK, off to create!  Have a great rest of it!


  1. I just love the little borders you put around your art...

  2. Thanks Texana (P)! That's the fun "doodle" part for me. I usually do those first and then I have to figure out what the heck to fit in them!

  3. I love this drawing! I wish I could be that creative!

    1. thanks Lynn! It comes in spurts, believe me! Actually, it usually looks nothing like what's in my head, but I just accept it and keep moving :-)... THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time to comment!



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