Today's Scripture

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Psalm 27:14

14 Wait for the LORD;
   be strong and take heart
   and wait for the LORD.

OK, this has got to be one of His hardest directions!  I am in the middle of waiting on Him right now and it is tough!  "The World" offers "right now" solutions but they are just temporary fixes, not long term.  Only God has the permanent I wait....and wait....and wait.  I just keep reminding myself of the Israelites walking around Jericho, instead of rushing in and trying to take Jericho their way, in their timing, they waited on the Lord and did it HIS WAY!... And, it didn't matter how many days they had already walked around, if they had stopped on day six the wall would not have fallen!  

Hummmm... that sounds like a drawing to me!... 

And so I went back to the drawing board and spent the last couple of hours on this:

Now I'm going to plaster it everywhere in the house!


  1. Love it and it couldn't have come at a better I find myself waiting for the Lord to make the pieces fall into place...I know he has it under control...I must wait and take heart and wait.....


  2. Hey Pat! Sorry! I just saw your comment! Yup, WAITING IS THE PITS! I know this whole faith thing is suppose to make our "burdens light" BUT...having to wait kinda throws a kink into the light burdens thing. WHEN LORD?! WHEN?!



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