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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Turquoise, Red, Pink and White

One of the things I have decided to pin in Pinterest is color combinations I like and I found that I had pinned this combination more than any other so far!  Total shock to me because I have NEVER used this combination for anything! I'm a black and white person, NOT a pink and blue person!   But isn't it pretty!

So I decided I would play with the plate pattern and try and match the colors with the markers I have.
 And then I drew the following using another picture from my "to draw" board on Pinterest to see if I could come close without being the same...and to use the colors:

Isn't that little girl PRECIOUS!  I don't like my version of her face but .... it is what it is...  I wish I were better!!!  It actually was better pre-color....oh well....gotta keep practicing...

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