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Saturday, November 12, 2011

One of the MANY Changes Over the Years!

Packing for a 3 day trip at 18-40 vs.
Packing for 3 MONTHS 30+ years later....

I don't know why I decided to draw these today????  Just did.  I had actually pinned someone sitting on a table like the girl...and I had pinned a stack of suitcases so I decided to combine the two. 

 As I was drawing it I thought of how differently I pack for a trip now vs. then.... with as little as I can possibly get by with!!  (that is not me btw..I have never, ever been that thin!)

I then did a google search for "old lady with suitcase and got this:

Not the same obviously but it makes its point. :-)


  1. Oh, haha...that is so true. Yesterday I went on a road trip to the Carolina Zoo with my daughter and her family. I took a jacket and scarf, my water bottle and my credit card. The 18-month-old had her diaper bag, a bag with clothing for every possible weather contingency and several extra sets for "emergencies", a bag of food and snacks, books, toys, and a laptop loaded with videos in case she was bored in the car, a stroller,practically everything she owns except her bed! Of course she fell asleep as soon as we started driving...good thing we were only gone for the day!

  2. Too funny! I don't even carry a purse anymore...Everything i need fits in my key chain!



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