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Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went to see brave today and I came home wanting to draw that CUTE little girl..... FAIL!!!

Not only does her  face not look like her, I was nowhere near the kind of mood to draw all that hair!

Not even close!  I think she turned out to be a cute little girl.....but do you see how funky her nose looks? there is a great big scar?   Well that's not the drawing...that's a wrinkle in the paper! (see the next closeup  .... more proof I really need to use watercolor paper!   I have it, not sure why I keep grabbing for the drawing pad!  The good news is, the real picture isn't nearly as extreme as the "picture of the picture" is... this iPad magnifies issues and I'm not savy enough with it yet to adjust things.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Many Mistakes Can You Make On One Picture!?

As easy as the last watercolor was, this was that hard!  Every single thing screwed up!  But the good news is it was an excellant exercise in "how do I fix that?!"   Good exercise!

The really amazing thing is that even though it was a watercolor I was able to fix most of the problems.
I really wish I would have taken pictures of each problem because it was a MESS!

Lessons learned: ( I just made solutions up as I went hoping they would work!  no clue how to really do it!

- if you are going to use watercolors you really should use watercolor paper!  I was just "playing" so I  drew it on the back of a messed up piece of Drawing paper.  That works "ok" if no mistakes are made, but it started to wear thin the more I worked on mistakes.

The way I fixed most of the mistakes was to just add lots of water and hopefully it will pull the paint out and spread, I also blotted with a tissue... HAVE A TISSUE CLOSE!

Even though 95% is actual watercolor I fixed a lot of the problems with color a WHITE pencil was wonderful!  I was able to color over the misshapped eyebrows with the white.

The one thing I didn't fix very well was the colored cheeks.  When I first put the color on it was a DEEEEEP red!  shocking!  Panic!  Thankfully most of it washed off but the paper started to roll up and get thin so I stopped before I made a hole in the paper.  Its good enough for what it is though... the back side of another mess I made with a pen!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peerless Watercolors

This morning the first thing I did when I woke up was read my email....pretty sad when you can do that without even lifting your head off the pillow!

One of the emails mentioned how Jill Davenport makes a pallet with her Peerless Watercolors.  Hummm....YEARS and YEARS ago I bought some Peerless Watercolors and never really used them because I didn't want to "run out".  SICK!  But you can see from the price why!


Thing is, I bought them before YouTube existed so there wasn't anyone telling me that they would last forever, even with use!  Click HERE to see the video I watched.

After watching the video I decided to get my lazy self up and find mine and do something with them. Here you go:

I have to admit, I surprised myself with this one...well, I actually surprise myself with everything I draw because I have spent my whole life thinking I can't ... but apparently, with God's help, I can.

This literally took about 5 minutes to do. Sorry, can't explain the green hair except all the painted girls I see out on the web are ALL KINDS of colors!  So, why not green right?  And, I did it using only 4 peerless watercolors + a black pen, and one color pencil for the irises of her eyes (not sure why ???)

AND everything was done sitting right here on my sofa.... watch video, paint, take picture, blog, done!  That's why my little logo has the white box, I haven't loaded the .png file onto the web yet to pull into the iPad.  I LOVE THIS iPad!!!

As always, I saw the flaws better once uploaded to the blog so I worked on it some more by giving her eye makeup.  Mainly because the left eye looked weird... Now she almost looks like a different girl.  Left eye is still kinda weird but I'm afraid to mess with it anymore, watercolor makes me nervous to putz with too much.

Friday, December 7, 2012

She's "THAT" Girl

You know the one....hopefully we all know at least one.... She's the one who is always smiling and happy. (even when you give her REALLY BAD directions to meet you somewhere!)   The one that loves everybody and everybody loves her.  The one you wish you were like.  She's the NUT that will take on any request of help ... even the request to be a dancing box in the Christmas production. 

If you go to Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, you know her.

Take a bow please.... 
This year's DANCING BOX!!!  (we think)
Ms. Carol Evans! 

We all love you Carol ...

Added 12/09/12:
She sent me a picture of her trying on her box ....

See what I mean?  That is her face...ALL THE TIME!

Question..... does the placement of those dots make anyone else as crazy as it makes me???  I just want to reach in and move that one large dot down!

You can't tell from the picture but the dots are glittered.  That was MY job....make some dots with glitter (I didn't put them on the box though).

All I did was use my vinyl cutter and before I weeded out the background I sprayed it with glue.... now THAT was a good time!  I didn't realize the tip had some dried up glue blocking the nozzle so the first shot came back at me!  Glue ALL over my shirt, and IN MY HAIR!!!... but I kept moving so everything that was glue on me soon became glitter on me!  I sparkled!

After adding the glue I peeled the STICKY "non-dots" background away leaving just the dots, then I poured on the waste that way.  The dots were then ready to just peel off the paper and slap onto the box.  Quick and easy.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Genesis 24-39

I didn't want you to think i had given up on drawing my Bible reading. It is going slower than I wanted but life keeps getting the way. Here is what I have so far for page 2 of 52.

And, last night I finished up my Pinterest Doodle Journal....well, as far as I'm going before I make copies to give to friends for my birthday this Wednesday. I am the world's worst when it comes to other people's birthday so I'm going to start a new tradition of giving them gifts on MY birthday. Not too sure how much they will like that plan but gonna give it a try....better than nothing right???

Anyway, here is another something from it that I did last night.

Just so you know, I am trying to do this post entirely with my iPad from picture taking the above to typing it far there are 3 apps involved....I don't have a clue what it will look like! Fingers crossed.....

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Since Thanksgiving...More Journal frames.

Hi All! 

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone since last I checked in.... I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I sure did. I got together with a friend and her family. We have been friends for 35 years but I haven't seen her kids in about 15 years so it was good to see them all again. 

Another fun thing about the day was we went to an auction and I bought an iPad!!!  YES!!!   That wasn't even on my "one day" list because there are other priorities...but I got it for only $250! God is good! Yes he is! 

Since then I have been looking for, and playing with different apps. So far my favorite is called "Library". It is bar-code scanning software that stores all items you scan into different folders you create.   I love it because I am scanning all of the watercolor crayons that I am buying one at a time... now I can carry the iPad to the store with me and know exactly what I already have! Gotta love that! No typing, just scanning.  Good app!  

But you guys aren't here for all my words so I'll show a few more things from my doodle journal...

The next one started with the "boards" at the top then it sat there waiting.   I then saw the dresses on the mannequins and added those....suddenly I had a shop window so I added the hats and necklaces in the background...all from Pinterest. 

I mentioned the following in the video.  I finished the chickens and put a cloud around the face instead of just leaving it a face for the frame.

I still have three frames left to put something in so all is is not done yet.

Monday, November 19, 2012


OK, I'm back.... I have really had a hard time acting like "this is just another day".  The election results have about messed me up!  How in the world do I go about thinking and doing like I did before the election???  

YES, I KNOW "God is still in control"

.... But THAT is exactly what unnerves me!  We are about to see God's JUDGEMENT on this nation like never before!  All you have to do is read the Old Testament to know that when a nation  rejects Him and is disobedient THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY!!!  and I'm afraid that 

"we got the king we deserve".

So, with all that in mind, I have a new urgency to get as much of the Word down in my heart as possible!

One of the things that disturbs me a little bit about Pinterest is that lots and lots of people pin the "feel good" scriptures.  On the surface that seems like a great thing.... get that WORD out there!  BUT...thing is, a lot of the time that is all people ever read... the "feel good" scriptures!  So they don't really know God at all, they only know the "Gift Giver" side, not the "correction/judgement" side.  It really amazes me the "church going" people that can quote SOME of the Word but are CLUELESS about what the REST of the Bible says!


One of the things I planned to do in 2013 was read the Bible through again, but this time draw as I go.  But, I suddenly feel an urgency to START NOW!  There is no time to waste, I have to get focused!

So, I have created a new journal for myself

I found a 1 year reading plan that says if you read 3 chapters a day and 5 chapters on Sunday you can read the Bible through in a year.  In all honesty, I've never actually been able to "stick with it" doing it that way.  When I go that slow I tend to go into "study" mode instead of "reading" mode.  I know, study is a good thing... but I never get out of Genesis!  I need to read faster if I ever hope to get through cover to cover.... that's why I read my first "week" this weekend.

One thing I MIGHT do though is skip around.... and I can do that with the way I set the journal up.  There are 52 pages (times 2 if you count the blank page) with 23 chapters per page.  I put a column for the date read, on listing the chapters to read in a day then a column to put a sentence about what happened in the chapter. (not enough space!)  

The right side is completely blank... ready for whatever happens.  If I decide to read Luke this week I can, BUT I have to complete at least one "page of chapters" a week and have EVERYTHING done by the end of 2013 (sooner I hope)
Here you go... week one ... can you "read it"?

There is A LOT that happens in Genesis Chapters 1 - 23!!  I have a feeling that there will be some pages that are FULL of pictures, like this one, but other's may just be key scriptures...because not all scriptures bring a picture to mind.  Who knows....we shall see!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


For our nation, for our future, for all the the folks that are CLEARLY LOST and need to find Jesus!

Friday, November 2, 2012

See How It Grows.

Tonight I am listening to my Kindle read the third book of "The Hunger Games" my hands are free to draw.  I've listened to the whole book today, I like that better than actual reading because ... well... my hands are free!  My hands like to stay busy and there's not much you can do while actually "READING" a book, ya know?

I thought I would show you a couple of the frames from my doodle book that I finished tonight...  I know they are "finished" because there is no more blank space to fill... I may color them later, maybe, time will tell...

The next one just kept growing.  I had no clue where I was going when I started.

It started with the curtain rod on the top, then the curtains just grew.  I should have looked for an example but I didn't bother so the folds don't really look real ... should have found an example!

Then I decided to put a bookshelf and found some shelves on one of my pins....and then the girl sitting on the window seat (another pin, one of the girl sitting on a bed...and you can see all of her, mine is partially hidden behind the curtain) ... So, all total I was able to pull inspiration from three different pins.  Seeeeeee.... it's IMPORTANT that I sit and scour over pinterest!  It keeps me creative! 

And here this one is, in context... still plenty to be done on the page... not too sure what yet ???

I really do recommend this little exercise if you are intimidated by doodling!  It is great practice!  Another thing I really like about it is that I tend to get bored really quickly so doing it this way allows me to jump around from page to page and do little bits and pieces here and there without the stress of having to FINISH IT!  I'm not sure why but Finishing things has always been an issue for me!  My whole life I will leave projects half done.... heck, I will even leave ONE DISH in the sink when washing them!  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! ???

Here ya go, an example of jumping around... Yesterday I mentioned I wasn't crazy about the frame with the big smile, there was too much white space, so today I decided to make it a cloud

I also finished putting the dots on the wire frame and put some bushes behind the chickens... that one will definitely get more of something ... when I figure it out.

OH! Here's a couple other things I did today...I have another small craft show coming up next week so I'm back at all that again.  I have plenty left from last week but you can never have too much right?
This was today's scripture on Bible Gateway ... one of my favorites "I WAS CHOSEN" so I wanted to do it...

It's a bit deceptive because the one on the left is 8"x10" the one on the right is 4"x4". :-)

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Video Showing My Doodle Starter Book

Today I wanted to show that even though I haven't been posting a lot lately I've still been doodling (in stages).  So, rather than show pictures of every page I decided to do something a little different.... I showed you one of my doodle books in a video!  Ever learning as I was the first time video with this particular camera so I wasn't sure how the sound would come out.  It was my first time with the tripod and it was casting a shadow and the strap fell down into view without me knowing until I was finished!(ARGH!).... AND, I wasn't zoomed in enough to really see any of the actual drawings that well but, I did A LOT of talking!

I know, I am clearly "copying" other people's work... but not maliciously, I hope.  I really am just doing it because I LOVE what I see and I want to see if I can draw it... with a pen.  I  won't be selling any of it, it is my way of practicing and ending up with a "happy book" to enjoy myself.

I mentioned borders about two dozen times but never explained that I am always looking for a way to fill white space so when I see a zentangle, or a cake design, or whatever that has a design in it that I think I might be able to use later inside something I am doing I will pull that little piece out and doodle it.  Cake decorators are MASTERS at lacy borders!

Here are some of the pictures I talked about in the video, which is at the bottom.

The video: ... get ready, I sound some kinda country on it! will seem a little choppy because I had to cut 7 minutes out of it to get it saved to YouTube.

Monday, October 22, 2012

It Was a Great Weekend....

Home AT LAST!!!... and with a whole day of "catch - up - sleeping"!  YES!!!

In case you haven't read past posts, I just did a two day show at the Georgia Apple Festival.  The actual deadline for the show was March 31st but I only found out and tried to get in three weeks ago... and to my shock I actually got in, thanks to some drop outs.

First I'll just say, it costs WAY more than I would have ever paid in the past (I FINALLY made back the cost Sunday afternoon!) but I figured that since I got in it must be God so I bit the bullet and stayed up working 24/7 for the last three weeks trying to make product for the thing! 

I am pretty certain that I had THE BEST location in the event...under the "barn".  Even though the weather was PERFECT, it got a bit warm.... but never inside the barn, it was cool and a great retreat for folks seeking shade so we were never lacking plenty of folks.

Set up was a breeze, we had all day Friday, and I was able to drive right up to my space and unload!!!  DREAM!!!

OK, maybe there was a better location, on the other side of the "barn" where they were able to just back their trailers up to their spots and leave them!!!

Here is a view of where the barn was from the rest of the festival.

This is the side I was on, see, no room for a car/trailer... but TONS AND TONS of space behind the 12x12 I paid for! ... that's where all the boxes and extra "stuff" went (you never have that a shows, it usually has to go under the tables)

 Here are just a few of the booths away from the barn.

Now, to my little space .... I was so excited to go down into my garage and find stuff I had made for past craft shows .... everything on this table came from back then.  I was also thrilled that I was able to use my black/white theme again... I LOVE BLACK AND WHITE!

That's my friend Nancy in the back behind the table.  THANK you Jesus! that I have a friend willing to come help, I couldn't have done it without her. THANK YOU NANCY!)  

I actually had lots of help... Another friend, Patty, lives in Ellijay (where it was...about an hour away from home), loaned me three tables, brought some of my product from Atlanta to Ellijay, let us spend the night, and fed us!!!  It was actually Patty's idea to try selling at the festival. HECK!  Patty was the even inspiration for one of the designs I sold!  ...


And Karen loaned me three of her tables.  THANKS KAREN!  I so appreciate my good friends.

And, on the left side are the signs that took all of my past three weeks to make! (actually, there are more, I just ran out of space so I had fill in gaps as things sold.

I desperately needed something to hang behind everything so you couldn't see the mess, but...I ran out of time, energy, and "care" to act on ideas for it.

I took this picture from the back of the booth to show the TONS of people that were at the booth next to us....unfortunately it doesn't show it that well.... but trust me there were TONS of people ALL DAY, BOTH DAYS!  They sold out of most everything they were selling!  It is a company called Perky Moose....and they sell THE BEST instant teas and cappuccinos ... just add water.  They have been at the festival for years so folks come in search of them to buy more.  Lets just say that it was SO GOOD that this morning as soon as I woke up I came upstairs and place a large wholesale order from them to put in gift baskets, sell separately and give away....soooooo good.... Nancy and I were the official tasters for each new sample pot that they made since their "tasters" weren't like "new users"... Shawn (the guy on the left of the picture) was no dummy, he had me hooked on the first taste!

Finally, here are a few close ups of some of my signs:
9x12 Price Inc S/H within USA.


4x4 - $20 for 3 letters and s/h in US

What three letters? with color

9x12 -$35 (Price Incl s/h in USA)

Other Color
 There are lots more but I'll show them later, I might not have anything to say later and I'll add them then.

I love that I sold this one to a male Christian counselor for his office.

That was one fun thing, when you have Christian signs up it opens people up to talk!  I was able to pray for one lady and heard lots of stories from lots of folks.... from spouses dying suddenly to aunts being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  

I loved seeing teenagers and small kids wanting scripture pictures... and even seeing almost every man that walked by laugh at one or more of the sarcastic things I had.  Actually everyone laughed but I loved making the men laugh....  THOSE sold quickly, but thankfully I had more to take their place.

I gave one of the clothes pin frames (not this one)

to a lady that volunteers at a pro-life clinic so that she could hang pictures of newborn babies that lived because the mother was brave enough to go through to delivery.  The one she got had the first part of 

Jeremiah 1:5
Before I formed you in the womb I knew youbefore you were born I set you apart....

So, all in all, while I didn't make any money this weekend, it was a good weekend.  I had a great time because I was able to get people to laugh....without actually saying a word.

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Yes, I think I WILL do it again next year, even if I do just break even, it's worth it.  I'll just be smarter with what I try to sell next time.


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