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Saturday, January 14, 2012

For Mnemosyne (Part 2)

After I posted the drawing I did the other day for Mnemosyne I pinned it onto Pinterest for her and she used it as her profile picture ... even though it was just a quickie something just meant to bring a smile ....  eeek!  I wasn't expecting that!   I hadn't come close to anything about her except the LSU and what the board says.  Thankfully, she gave me her blog address, humofdelicious, so I was able to read her profile and do this new drawing. 


It really is a mix of her life  at different times, using different quotes that she likes and that she has used in the past as a teacher.  She is currently a freelance writer (hence the, hard to see, feather in her hand) ....  aaaaahhhh  feels better.  It is also a hybrid of hand and pc.  I used the pc to do the background wall, floor and all the text. 

   I'm going to have a whole hive of bees soon!

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