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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Heart

I was just looking for something else and found this.... something I made about a year ago.  It represents one of my favorite scriptures Ezekiel 36:26... one I stood on for years for my ex-husband, but it was actually ME the Lord wanted to change!  Hummmm, imagine my surprise :-)   

You can probably tell that it is 100% computer... well almost.  

I actually got the colored stone by "copying and pasting" a portion of a hand colored stone a friend of mine did.  Last year, Andrea and I tried to have a digital stamp store .... but no one bought so we shut it down.  This is the "stamp" and the card I made as a sample..."Someday My Prince (Jesus) Will Come"

Hopefully you can read the font, if you could even tell it says something! I think I made it a little easier by putting a space between the book and the verse reference...that was a mistake, I should have used an underscore or something to not have the break....oh well.  The name of the font is  LT Minos.  I bought it AGES ago because it looks like a border and I was planning on making some embroidered name borders with it... Nope, never did.  I don't remember where I got it but I found it again for this on the name if you are interested.


  1. So glad Rainbow Elephant help me find you!

  2. Hi Tronaldte!

    ME TOO!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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