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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not Just Any Bee

One of my favorite blogs is Elvie Studio... (Lori Vliegen)  I LOVE that blog!  Be sure to check it out.  I have been going there for a year probably.    I think I love it because she focuses on just a few things ... lettering, a watercolor something, handmade journals or carved rubber stamps. FOCUSED.  Another thing I LOVE is that she takes BEAUTIFUL pictures of her work and she includes a cool pair of reading glasses in almost every single picture.  I know, kinda weird that I love that but it just makes for such a classy photo.  Notice that all the things I love are NOT what I do, EVER?!  Well, when I grow up I want to be just like Lori.   

Now, I really hate to admit this "out loud" but the name of her blog has always baffled me.  Why Elvie Studio, when her name is Lori ????  Well it suddenly hit me the other day... El (L) Vie (V) are her initials!!!  HELLOOOOO!  Isn't that just so clever?!  

So, naturally, because I want to be like Lori I started thinking about my initials.... NB  I could spell it "InBee" but that really makes no I added my middle initial   NEB (Any Bee)  YES!  So, my next blog (???) is going to be "Not Just Any Bee"  and here is my the beginnings of my logo! 

 HA!  Now I'm clever too!  Hee Hee.

Anyway, now you will know why this picture will start showing up... cause.... you know, I'm "Not Just Any Bee"!


  1. Love the new "Not Just Any Bee" theme you have going along with the doodled logo!

    And by the way - you may see a few new folks trickling over here to see your beautiful works during the next few days. I finally got that featured blog post put together. And I included several links back to your little home here on the web. The article goes live tomorrow morning. ;)

    Thanks for all the inspiration you provide to our fellow doodlers!

    Cindy from

  2. OH CINDY!!! Well that IS a surprise! I am so sorry that we never got together on it and you had to do all the work yourself! THANK YOU in advance for any mention! I can't wait to read it....I just listened to your phone call with Genevieve Crabe... VERY NICE! ... kinda glad I didn't do that for you as I'm sure a lot of editing would have been required!

    Listen, I want to thank you again for coming up with your tail cap designs! They really have made my little drawings so much easier! Amazing what a little frame can do to take the fear out of a big white page. I have seen my doodles pinned a lot on "Pinterest" and people really seem to love the frames, even mention that they do. I think I mentioned before that frames are now my favorite thing to draw...thanks for that!

    Nancy (Not Just NEB :-) )



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