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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Is That In Your Hand?

Tomorrow I start a class by JoAnne Sharpe.  There are two reasons I wanted to take it...
1. The price was right... $35 for TWENTY NINE lessons!  (making THREE art journals!) Pretty amazing that.
2.  I have always LOVED her use of bold bright colors and I have spent a small fortune trying to get that same effect, sadly to no avail!  I figured if I took the class she might show/tell what she uses.

WELL, last night she made the class supply list available...hummmmm...class isn't so cheap now... :-(.

But, rather than go into all that, I'll just cut to the chase.  One of things on her list was LIQUID water colors!  Never knew such thing even existed! (but I know I'm not alone here because several people at Dick Blick were clueless too.)  So, today when I had my finger on the "check out" button on the online Dick Blick site I got a check in my spirit.  $145!  Hummmmm, gotta cut that back some way!  Once I made that decision and started thinking about it I wondered if my Stampin' Up! refills might not do the exact same thing...  YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!  Bright vivid colors!  Put a little water down on the watercolor paper, drop some ink down into the water and watch the magic happen!  I did the water thing with the M, the rest are just painted directly on, no water added to paper...GOOD COLORS!

YES!  Money saved!  Course, you need to do a better job of controlling the overlap than I did but most everything I do is a test so I always cut myself some slack :-)

The words are actually Exodus 4:2.  It is when God gives Moses instructions to go get the Israelites out of Egypt and Moses kinda freaks out and tries to convince God he isn't the man for the job because why would Pharoah or the Israelites bother to listen to him...who was he after all?!  Then God asks him the question "What is that in your hand?"... So, basically, we can do ANYTHING God directs us to do, even if all we have in our hand is a stick! God gives us the necessary tools to get the job done, even if they make ZERO sense to us.


  1. Just discovered your blog from your guest artist appearance on The Rainbow Elephant. I am SO HAPPY to meet another Christian in the art/drawing blog world! I am most interested in Zentangle and lettering, and I haven't found many believers out here. I love, LOVE your blog and this post. I'm a fan, follower, and... friend!

  2. Hi Ann! Well, I'm happy to meet you too! There are a lot of Christians out here...just not that many that are vocal with it. I have another blog that I try and keep my beliefs low key (except at Easter and Christmas... gotta give Jesus equal time since Satan has all but taken over those two sacred days!), then I have (but don't maintain, now that I have this one) another one that is JUST celebrating Jesus ( ...but for this one I just do whatever the heck I want (through doodling, that is)! All bets are off! :-)

    One way to find other Christians is through Pinterest. You can tell by what other people are pinning... those are usually the folks that I follow and that follow me. That's another place where my love for Jesus/God shines...lots of my boards are scripture based. Come by and see me there! There is a bright red "follow me on Pinterest"
    button towards the top of the right hand column >>>

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR STOPPING IN AND COMMENTING, please, please, let me know when you stopped in and like something!



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