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Sunday, February 5, 2012

And so it begins.


Here are a few pictures of things I've done for Joanne Sharpe's Lettering class.  One thing I really like is that she is not showing us how to do any of the letters, she wants us to use our own handwriting.... No, I don't normally write like this, but you know what I mean, she REALLY jumps right past the "how to dos" to get to the "What to do for homework".  I feel kinda bad for the girls who wanted to learn HOW TO do her letters, because that just isn't happening.  But, there are still 24 more lessons so maybe.

The journal is a regular $1 composition book that I covered with cardstock...sewed it down with my sewing machine, mainly to see if I could.  There are 4 layers of cardstock plus the cardboard book....sewing machine did fine.

Lesson 1 - cover composition book

20 ways to write the word "ART"?

Writing in a "Grid"
add any words to another grid

She wanted us to add color to the bottom two, but I'm resisting...I like them like this....for a while anyway.

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