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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Wonder If....????

I was just sitting there watching tv early this afternoon (OK, I was really just waking up from a nap) and started to wonder if I could use colored Sharpies to draw directly onto canvas panels so I started experimenting...and it works! 

 This whole thing was an exercise in fixing stuff!  First I completely left the "t" out!!!  CUTE! Unfortunately, I didn't notice that until I had already outlined the "U" and the  "L"!  

You know what, I'm not gonna explain all the mess ups, I really just wanted to explain why that "T" looks like an afterthought... it was.

Anyway, another test was using Inktense watercolor pencils and they worked too!!!  I used them to color around the cloud...the red to yellow blend was a red and yellow watercolor pencil!  TOO COOL! ... And it was a blue pencil for the cloud shading. 

So, basically, it was a most successful experiment...if only I hadn't forgotten the "T".

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