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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let it Rain!

One of my main focuses on Pinterest is searching for ideas for future today I spent the WHOLE day, documenting some of the things I have found in a journal...I'm calling it my "Inspirational Journal" ... that way I don't have to sit at my computer to draw the real thing... I'll have it ready for sudden impulses to draw.  I did most of it in pencil...I messed up on a couple of pages when I added bled through the page and messed up what was already on the back!  ARGH!!!

Anyway, I got 13 pages done today...mostly doodles and words.  This is the last one I did (for today)

I had found a photograph of a girl standing in the rain, umbrella down, soaking in the rain.  I LOVE THAT!  After I got that sketched in I went in search of scriptures that might go with it... I knew there were some that referenced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as rain.
I found a few:  Isaiah 30:23,  Hosea 6:3 and Zech 10:1. (remember, you can just mouse over the reference WITHOUT clicking and the scripture will appear)

There was a note with Hosea 6:3 that mentions that there are two rains in Israel, the former (in the spring during planting season) then another heavier one later that causes the crops to mature. 

Pray for the second heavier rain of the Holy Spirit so you can mature in the Lord.

I'll get around to doing "the real thing" one day ???

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