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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pilot Parallel Pen for Drawing


Just wanted to show a little test I did last week with my new Parallel Pen. (Purchased for lettering in Joanne Sharpe's class)

So quick, so easy, the pen does all the work! (if you hold your tongue just right :-)

Like I said, this was a test, I plan on doing something with a scripture to go with it... for the brokenhearted. ... but I decided to show it now because I just found this fun to watch video where he uses the same pen to draw!  LOVE IT!  And notice he only uses distress rubber stamp ink!

And this is how I stay humble, and wonder how I can even have the nerve to post stuff I do!!!

Brett Weldele: 
(you know, I really hope its OK to embed these... I figure since YouTube gives you the code to do it, it must be OK ???) 

And, so I don't forget how to do this...


  1. Was wondering if you tried this yet with the distress ink? And if so, what ratio did you use? How did you like it? I just got one of those pens, getting ready to try it with the ink it came with. I just was curious. :)

  2. Hey DR, I have not...I don't have any Distress Ink to test with. All I have is some OLD StampinUp! that I'll try when the current ink runs out. I don't plan to do it the way they show here, I think I'm just gonna try and fill an empty cartridge somehow (wish I had gotten the syringe now). The main reason I don't plan to fill the barrel is that I want to change colors more frequently than that would allow, and I HATE to waste anything! Ratio??? I'm just going to guess, because I haven't seen it anywhere. I'm going to start with a lot of water and just add drops of refill...then when it writes/draws dark enough I'll stop adding. You could always click on the "you tube" link and ask Brett. He answered a question of mine so he is really friendly and willing to share. Good luck! Please, let me know how it works for you.

  3. DR, you made me do a test...



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