Today's Scripture

Monday, February 20, 2012


I know, I know, how many ways can I write the word "TRUST"?  Sorry, it is just such a good word to write...the way all the letters fit so snugly together.  And it is my 2012 word after all.

The homework for this was to use white pens/markers on black... but I only have one white pen right now so I had to punt.  I decided to use kraft wrapping paper instead of black, just because I like the look. Trust is written with OLD gesso, really too old to use, hence the not great coverage.  The very light white is a white watercolor pencil. ??? Not too sure why you would need that??? but, it did come in handy as a dry pencil.


  1. I like this! Very Creative! Wish I had thought of it!

  2. Bea, I don't think there are any new ideas left! We are all inspired by someone else now...the beauty of the internet. Basically, the point I was making, but didn't actually say, is, you could use ANY colored cardstock as the base....I just happen to LOVE the Kraft/Black/White I use it A LOT!



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