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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Always Had the Power

Day 28 of Joanne Sharpe's class...only one more day to go.  The thing that makes this particular assignment special is the words she had us write.

"You Always Had the Power"

... a quote from the good witch on the "Wizard of Oz".  Hummmm....not loving the whole witch thing but I do love the words!...cause that'll preach!

Anyway, our assignment was to write the phrase ... in black ... on a piece of background paper we had already made for the 2nd journal we made in the class.  That journal is all about COLOR!  So, if it looks like there is color in weird places, that's why... we had to use something we already had.

I will definitely do this phrase again, because I really do believe it... We do, indeed, already have the power... within us, to accomplish the thing we were created for.  I'm really looking forward to finding out what that is!...I'm 58 now ???  But, remember, I did this one a while back, so that *I* could chill about it!

I'll give you a review of the class after the last lesson. :-)


  1. OMG....your blog is great...i have blog envy! lol. well, i must say the highlights on your letters look great!
    i am in awe of all of your talents.....
    hope to see you in joanne's next class artful alphabet.....LindaR (rappy2766)

  2. OH! YAY!!! You dropped by! You are entirely too sweet! I'm sure I will take it, but honestly, my lettering didn't improve much (except, I WILL get that highlight right before long!!!) I feel like it got worse ??? But, she really is an awesome teacher... the fact that I didn't improve is my fault. I'm glad there's a month between so I can go through these classes again and actually do more of what she said do. I'll have more tools this time. I still don't have stencils so all my color pages are a real disappointment... I think that is really what I'm more bothered by than the black on them... I just wanted to get something done so I was sloppy with them. Already planning on starting from scratch with a new composition book... with grids this time.

    Again, thanks for stopping in!



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