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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Block At A Time

Yesterday I just decided to fill the page up one block at a time...drawing each block as I went. Clearly, there was no rhyme or reason...just put something in the block.  

Thankfully, I started with a pencil, then came back with the marker.  When it was all filled up with pencil there was only one word ... the "Peace" at the bottom so I decided to erase what was in the "love" and "joy" blocks and put the words...  I've decided I like filling up a shape with a word and leaving as little "white space" as possible.  Fun, will definitely do more of that!

Now, I may, or may not color it ??? Hummmm?


  1. :-) I thought you might...cause I know how you like a bunch of little pictures on one page :-)



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