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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Test! Test! Test!

Today I wanted to draw a girl looking up with her hands on her heart, with words saying "Lord, I give you my life".  But before I do the final picture I wanted to test a few things.

  1. I drew the partial picture in the bottom right corner.
  2. I then pulled it into PSE and erased out the hard line for the nose because I didn't put a good bend in it.
  3. I also erased the bump on the right arm.
  4. I then printed it out, outlined again adding the hair 
  5. then colored it.
  6. I scanned it again and 
  7. used PSE to add the background on the top right picture to see how that would look....
  8. I also had it saying "Heart" at first but changed that to "Life".
Again, same thing, only different:

And a little while later I came back and decided to fix the red head with PSE. Notice, 
  1. I moved the lips down, 
  2. I got rid of the dark wrong nose,
  3. I "cut" her hair 
  4. and I used the body of the dark hair girl

YAY!  I feel better now... Now I can go to sleep :-)

And then I decided to play with color :-)

I know!  I got kinda wordy and carried away with it, let me recap:

Test! Test! Test!

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