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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When do I stop???

I don't know about this one, I kinda like it, but ???

Will anyone else like it???

It was a constant "mess up" / "fix it" kind of project!

  1. Mod-Podge Tim Holtz tissue paper down to canvas board
  2. Write the whole scripture with a black pen.
  3. Heck! margins not right on the word "Reward".
  4. Paint black paint over the word "Reward".
  5. Paint over "Whatever" just so there isn't just one black stripe.
  6. Rewrite the words "Reward" and "Whatever" again using the eyedropper for white ink. (sloppy mess, but do I fix?...or just think that maybe that is "a look" ???)
  7. Draw small  black lines on either side of the big black blocks in hopes of making it all look intentional.
  8. Small lines too small so try to make larger with a larger marker...oops, too much, shoot!  Leave the rest alone
  9. Add white dots to the thicker lines so they look more like it was planned that way.
  10. Add tiny black dots to the thin lines for continuity.
  11. Oh heck, "they do" is too far to the left, add a flourish to the "o" to stretch it out.
  12. Add distress ink and spritz with water to age.
To give or not to give?...THAT is the question!

Maybe I'd better just put it "out there" for sell and see if someone will buy it rather than force it on someone that might hate it!

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