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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Distress Re-Inkers

You may....or may not... have noticed that I have been MIA for over a week.  I have been WORKING!!!  I made 2000 mirrors, 600 felt flower pins and 14 pendant and hoop signs! ALL IN ONE WEEK! BUSY!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any camera wasn't around so I just didn't bother....  Listen, all I could think about was getting them out of my house!

All that to say, that gave me a little extra money so I bought all (I think) of the Distress Ink pads and re-inkers.  LOVE! LOVE!  So, today I finally got a chance to doodle again!  Been missing it!

Here I just printed the words out and started painting with the re-inkers.  I then went back over the black lines with one of my parallel pens.... Sorry they are kinda messy, but hey, you guys are use to that by now with me, right?  Just doing to to have busy hands, not a piece of wall hanging art.  It helped me to see what each color looks like....and what will be my favorite (mahogany, for sure)

What I Used:
Comet Negative TTF - white fill/ black outline
All the Distress Reinkers I have
Applied with my water fill brush (LOVE!):

 The 1.8 Parallel Pen w/ black ink (this ink does run so use after you are finished with all the color ):

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