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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Lord is Near...

Here is a perfect example of why I call everything I do a doodle.... I was just sitting here at my computer and I wanted to see if I could copy a drawing of a head that I saw on the screen... well, I'm too lazy to go get a real "sketch" pad I just took a piece of paper out of my printer, folded it and drew it at an angle!  DUMB!  I kept going beyond the head ....

Is it like the one I was looking at?  Not even close!  Nothing about it is the same!  But, that's a good thing ... now she's mine.  

She looked sad to me so I added a teardrop and then I found the scripture.  

I colored her with the Prismacolor pencils that I have here on my desk for highlighting my Bible the "Kay-Way".  Oh! and I used some random markers I have up here for her face...that's why it is such a funky color!  LAZY!!!


On May 13th I did this drawing:

Right after that Zazzle had a sale on posters so I this picture, and a couple more, printed, each onto different media (two weights of poster paper and this one on canvas)  VERY, VERY pleased!  I took this canvas one to lunch one day to show a friend and the first thing she said was that it would make a cool t-shirt!  Well, guess what, her birthday is next Tuesday so I went about making it into a T-shirt.  

On the back I added Acts 3:19 "Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord"


I had not planned to make it available for purchase until I got the one I ordered to see how it turned out... however, they are having a 50% off t-shirt sale and today (Thursday May 31st) is the last day!!!  (no, I didn't get mine on sale...argh)
Use code: DADSCASENTEE  (for Father's Day)

Again, I haven't gotten mine yet so ???  BUT, it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  I will say this, I have ordered tons of stuff from Zazzle and I've never once been unhappy.   I'm always amazed at the quality!

AND, you can customize the shirt!  If you don't like this style you can change it to a different style/color/size, or even change/delete scripture on the back. (cheaper)  Heck, you could even delete the picture and just use the scripture!   There are several ways to make it cheaper, I just happen to like that t-shirt.

OR, create your own shirt from scratch with your own artwork here:

Custom T-Shirts

HURRY! HURRY!  Don't miss the sale!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Real Treasure Map!!!

In my last post I talked a lot about Kay Arthur's FREE teachings but I have learned even more about them this morning by digging deeper. (oh, and I added some things to that post this morning if you're interested)


You can buy everything I am about to show you from her site!  And it is all very reasonably priced.  And, a WHOLE LOT less effort!  So, if you have the money, definitely go that route!  The following is for those of us who find ourselves currently in the "learning to abase" season of our lives! Philippians 4:12

Now, here is what you can find online, FOR FREE, for the last year:
1. You can watch All TV shows
2. Free Downloadable MP3 files for each show
3. A Free Transcript of each show .pdf form... great to have!


There is a way to download the following PDF files for FREE, for all shows in the past year:

  1. The Study Guide (there is one per series)
  2. "Observation Worksheets"  AKA: The actual NASB Book of the Bible being studied, so you can print, follow along, and mark it up if you don't have the New American Standard Bible.

  3. Additions info...maps and such

But, I'm here to tell you it is buried DEEEEEEP!  So, I have provided a true treasure map below :-)

- if you just want to watch the current show, easy enough, just click her picture

You will get this screen... click the top button to watch "today's show" OR, if you want to watch past shows click the button inside my red oval:

Another note, you can get the CURRENT Study Guide for the CURRENT series on this same page...see the bottom oval.  BUT, that doesn't include any other extras like the Bible text and'll have to do the following to get those:

Back on the first screen

1. Click on the "SHOP" button

2. Click on "Precepts For Life" from the menu on the left (see red oval)

3.  Click on "Study Guide"

4.  Click on the Series you are interested in:

 5. Click on the pull down menu (red oval)

6.  EUREKA!!! You have found the buried treasures!!!

You will need to select each one and add it to your cart separately.  Go ahead and "check out" when you have all that you want in your basket... if everything is free that you have chosen then they won't ask for any form of payment...and you get a list to download right away.

Another note:  to watch past shows you are automatically redirected to ""...this is kinda like an online TV station so there are LOTS and LOTS of different teachers there...all with a years worth of shows!    

I haven't completely figure out how their site is set up.  For some reason it requires that you enter a bunch of info before each viewing ??? Apparently there is a way to set up a username/password so you only have to enter that but I never could get it to recognize what I type in!!!  Hummmm.....So, I enter all the info each time, that takes you to a screen that says "Sign In" or "No Thanks"...CHOOSE "NO THANKS"!!!  (ask how many times it took me to figure that one out!) That will take you to the shows ?????  The good news is, once you have done that once it works until you close the browser so you don't have to do it for every show, just every time you start over.   

Sunday, May 27, 2012

So? What's the Hold Up???


You have to read all of Isaiah 30 to get the answer. 

I have a long story about this that I want to write down so I don't forget it... It was a "God story".  I'm afraid it will be rather wordy so you may not want to even bother!

Saturday night May 26th before I laid down to go to sleep (on my sofa, that's where I sleep because I like the back support) I reached behind one of the cushions and found a notepad that I made two or three years ago (at least).  On the front I had put this scripture...Isaiah 30:18.... 

I remember when I did it really liking the idea that the Lord REALLLY wants to be gracious to us.  I put it on the coffee table and went to sleep.  A little later a friend called and woke me up.... After talking a while I laid back down to go back to sleep...but this time I couldn't get my mind off that scripture.... OK, if He longs to do it, that sounds like He wants to but can't ???? wonder why ??? .... I couldn't stand it, or go to sleep, so I sat back up and got my Bible to read the whole chapter 30.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It was like I was reading about Christians in America!  I have been heartsick for at least 5 years over the direction I see Christians going and this scripture just sent off all kinds of alarms!  I even called my friend back I was so excited to tell her! (but SHEEEE was asleep!!!)

Now, back up a bit, last week I was really sick about it (you can probably tell by how my doodles have taken a more serious tone) and I decided... THAT'S IT!  I'm done with secular TV!  I have to stop wasting time and get into the Word and start getting as much as possible, as quickly as possible, because the future I see isn't pretty.  I just discovered last week that Kay Arthur comes on one of the free Christian stations on my Roku so I started watching her.  I then went online and discovered that there is a whole years worth of her teachings available FOR FREE!  She is currently teaching Philippians so I started there.

OK, back to last night.... I wondered if any of the teachings that were free were on Isaiah ... Chapter 30, I got up (forget sleeping!) and came up here to see what I could find.  As it turns out there were FOUR MONTHS LEFT on Isaiah!... 58 shows!!!...all on Isaiah! but I had "missed" the first 59 shows! (there are 117 total on Isaiah!) they were already gone off the list.... apparently as they add one this year they drop the oldest from last year.  When I started looking I didn't notice the scriptures that were being covered in the show, she uses catchy titles instead.... so, there are 59 shows, how in the world was I going to find Isaiah 30 ... if it was still there?  So, I just picked one because her son was teaching and I was curious about his teaching style.... Isaiah 50...nope.  Then I decided to check out the one that was going to disappear soon (wasn't sure when)... by now it is about 11:25pm.  

OK, so I start the very last show on the list...and the first words she says once she starts teaching is "Remember, this week our theme is Isaiah  30:18, The Lord Longs to be Gracious To You"!!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!  So I knew then that whatever she had to say was a God word for me and I needed to pay close attention.  She said it was critical that all women "put on sackcloth" beat our chest and beseech the Lord to bring a revival because punishment was on the way if the Christians didn't turn from their wicked ways!!!  

Isaiah 32: 9-13

You women who are so complacent,

    rise up and listen to me;

you daughters who feel secure, 

    hear what I have to say!
In little more than a year 
    you who feel secure will tremble;
the grape harvest will fail, 
    and the harvest of fruit will not come.
Tremble, you complacent women;
    shudder, you daughters who feel secure! 
Strip off your fine clothes 
    and wrap yourselves in rags. 
Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields,
    for the fruitful vines 
and for the land of my people,
    a land overgrown with thorns and briers 
yes, mourn for all houses of merriment
    and for this city of revelry.  ....

The really cool thing about her being on Chapter 32 and not 30 was that He gave me the "to-do".... I have been feeling so helpless and hopeless!  And, not only that, this lesson helped to validate my feelings for the last five years!  I have gone from happy-go-lucky to painfully serious and I have felt like chicken little screaming "the sky is falling! the sky is falling!"...... but, it really is.

I watched the whole show then called my friend in Nashville to tell her what had happened.  As I was calling I went to the download screen to download the transcript of the show.  Then I realized I wanted to send her the link to the show so she could watch... it was GONE!  NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!  I had watched it past midnight and it dropped off as soon as I finished!!!  Now, please.... was I suppose to watch that show or what?!  I was ASLEEP!  for the night!!!  Thankfully I did get the transcript so I was able to send that to her...and I could read it again and again.

If you have gotten this far in all these words and you would like a copy of the transcript please contact me and I'll be happy to send it to you.  I don't dare put it on my site because I don't think I can legally do that.

I do plan to call them Tuesday to see if I can get the actual DVD with the show but it isn't available in their store yet.

Just FYI, I also learned last night that even though you can't download the show you can download a MP3 version for FREE!!!  So, I spent hours last night doing that!  YES!  Who needs secular TV?!

ANYWAY!  I'm sorry, I just had to document it somewhere ..... and, I did warn you :-)  

OH!  and I this was not at all the drawing I wanted to do for the scripture but I ran out of day before I started doing anything so I had to so something quick.  I'll get back with another, more relevant something later.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

You Can Trust Him


I was all over the place with this one today!  I woke up with this idea.... and this is what is actually in my journal:

I was thinking about the scripture that says "except we come as little children"  and I was thinking how children just have a natural, built in trust... their daddy says "Jump, I'll catch you!"  ... and they do! laughing all the way!   BUT, when I actually read the scripture  IN CONTEXT...the characteristic he is describing is being HUMBLE, not trusting, so I couldn't use that scripture!  So, I scanned it into PSE and moved the parts around to get the top picture :-/

As I was writing the above I was thinking about why it is so hard to trust GOD... and I got this idea... hard to see I know....

She is thinking about the fact that her dad didn't catch her like he promised...she is in a leg and arm cast.  Her mom is saying "I hope you learned your lesson -  You can't trust ANY MAN, even your father"  And NO!  I'm not remembering my own past, I just had to go with what I had already drawn!  But, if I had had more room I might have added more broken heart memories.  

MAN!  What a negative direction this took!  But, the point is, you have to ignore those thoughts and memories that satan will fill your head with and just take that first step of faith and trust God to be there to catch you.  And he will.... 

Again, everything was drawn once then played with with PSE.  

pencil, rollerball pen and eraser

To Sell:
Sterling Silver "Trust God" charm:
SS "Trust God Charm $6.50 (S/H Incl USA Only)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Kingdom Of God Belongs To....

Such as these:....

Luke 18:16

I actually drew this with a pencil then scanned and printed it.  I added the ink to the print because I always seem to mess the face up when I add ink!  That's why there are pencil marks that I can't get rid of except with PSE and I didn't want to bother...sorry.

Used Noodler's Roller Ball for the drawing and

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

True Vine

Just a quickie doodle... I didn't know where I was going when I started so I ran out of paper before I ran out of word!.... the "TRUE" went into the crease of the book.  And, you would think that with lines on the page I would do a better job keeping the letters straight!  PITIFUL!  


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Am I The Only One???

Am I the only one that feels like we are running out of time!!!

Today I woke up and did what I always do, I came to check my emails....(ok computer room is next to the bathroom, that's why I always start my day this way)

First email I read was from a friend with just this link, no other words:  ... well heck, here it is:

Last night I watched Perry Stone on end time prophecy and where America fits in, then one of my doodle notes yesterday was John Haggie teaching on the Rapture.  ... but, back to today and the above video... after I watched it I started watching the videos that are to the right (In YouTude) about people that went to hell and what they saw...I put one at the bottom in case you want to watch one of them. 

I left my computer with a huge sense of urgency that time is running out!  People are going to hell and I'm watching tv and playing on the internet! We have a finite amount of time to get things done before this age wraps up and the next begins and I believe we are almost at the midnight hour!

So, I decided right then and there to go back to "seeking FIRST the Kingdom and His righteousness"  If I have to face God soon, I don't want to have to explain why I spent HOURS watching TV trash when I could have been "SEEKING"!  WHAT A WASTE of PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS TIME!

But, having said that, I will definitely be using doodling to seek.  I know now that it improves my retention.

I thought I would start with Jesus and what HE SAID. You know, for some reason it is easy to justify what we do (or don't) if Paul or Peter said something ... after all they were "just men" right ?  maybe it had some of their "attitude" in it...surely GOD isn't so strict, right?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that every single word Paul/Peter of the rest of the Bible is less than Matthew/Mark/Luke/John but for me it is a real eye opener when JESUS says it!  God and Jesus have been so reduced to just OUR PERCEPTION of what  "Love" looks like that we forget that they aren't playin'!   They are SERIOUS and what they say do/don't do is SERIOUS!  So, actually reading Jesus' words puts things back into perspective for me.   I will get to the other books eventually but my first focus is going to be M/M/L/J.

Today's Note-taking Doodle was part of Jesus' first sermon: (please note the use of my new rollerball pen...BRAVE GIRL!)

I tried not to take too much time thinking about what to draw, or how, because my new goal is speed and retention more than perfection and artistic ability.

I decided to give it another shot...mainly so I would have it in a different journal.  I was able to get more scripture in, but still not all of chapter 5... but, the sermon goes on for several chapters so I'd never make it anyway.  I like the first one better with just the yellow....don't love the color added.

I really want to get to a place where I have standard "pictures" or ways of showing things so that I don't think about the picture at all, it just comes.  Example: In the top left corner I am showing the sermon ... 

see what I mean, FAST!

I plan to use something like this every time I show preaching.  ... hummm, I guess I really need to add a symbol showing WHO is preaching, I actually came up with one yesterday: 

  • "J" for Jesus...
  • "Hook" ...he was a fisher of men
  • Or it's an arrow showing "He came from Heaven (top line) to Earth (next line) and then descended into hell (below line), but rose again!  WOOHOO!

HA!  I'll have myself a whole new Bible shorthand language before it's all done. :-)

(sorry I was so wordy today)

Just in case you wanted to watch this: .

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Note-taking Doodling

Last week I found a site dedicated to Doodling by Sunni Brown.  Here are a couple videos I got off of YouTube where she explains why doodling is important to learning.  The first is 5 minutes, the next is 30 so, you decide... I, personally, have watched every video I can find because I think she is brilliant and I like her sense of humor.  In the longer video she just sounds so intelligent, I loved listening to her explain the brain. 

Now, after watching all the videos and going to her site... I decided that I WANT TO DO THAT!  I want to be able to listen and doodle as I go for retention. Wellllllll, that's gonna take some practice!  My brain is tired!!!  

If you look at the examples that are on the site they all seem so perfect...and I WANT MINE LIKE THAT.... HOWEVER, now that I have tried it, I KNOW they didn't just sit in a meeting and draw the pictures that are there!  NO WAY!  They clearly drew concepts when they had time to think and plan layout.... that is not possible when a speaker is flying.  But, I do think that with some exercise and practice I will get better at weeding out and keeping the important parts that will help me remember the whole.

Here is what I did today....  I sat and listened to 4 different sermons on TV and just started taking "notes" and threw in a little visual where possible (usually during a story)

Sermon 1 - very little time to draw, just one tiny man fishing...but there really wasn't much in the sermon that suggested a picture to me...  There really isn't anything different in these notes than what I would have done last week. :-(  I tried writing the words to the scriptures...bad idea, should save that for later.

Sermon 2 - I thought I would try putting the sermon title in the middle of the page and work around it... time for a few more was about the rapture so there was more opportunity.... I felt better, but, after I did it I realized I couldn't remember the scriptures about rapture vs tribulation so I really needed it to be more organized.  What I might do, if it mattered, would be to cut it up and glue the pieces down in a more logical sequence (now that I've see the video at the bottom of this post.... I had not seen it before I started writing this post, I just found it)

This next shot is just redrawing some of the pieces of the Rapture sermon, after the fact, and seeing how it would look in sequential frames

Sermon 3: The next one I thought I would try drawing boxes and doodling around them rather than bothering with pictures... maybe later I could come back and try and draw a sower/reaper, but there wasn't enough time then to even try ...... Even though there aren't any "pictures" drawing the boxes is still doodling so the benefit of doodling is still at work here...just not what I want to see.

Fourth sermon - I felt the best about this one and I feel it is really about as good as I could get in any active teaching/note-taking situation... there just isn't enough time to do a creative layout "on the fly".  Another difference in this one is that he only used ONE scripture!  

I will continue to practice but, I think I'll just go back to trying to do something like this with the written Word... After all, remembering THAT is my #1 goal.

Here is another Quickie video that I could watch over and over!


Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday I told you about an order I placed with The Goulet Pen Company ... well, I got it today!  Heehee...

Do I LOVE EVERYTHING I got?  YES!  Would/will I order again?  YES!!!  My mind is spinning with wants and ideas... But first let me show you a few things....

I took out all of my black markers (that were within reach, I didn't go searching for the other ones) and did this to show the differences in line weight:

The ones with the red arrows are the ones I got today...the REFILLABLE ONES!!! The ones I can put Noodler's "Waterproof" Ink into!
Just a reminder, I ordered the Noodler Rollerball, Noodler Ahab Fountain Pen, and the Platinum Preppy Felt Tip Marker.... and the Noodler's Black Waterproof Ink.

Below is something I drew with each pen:

OH!  And after I placed the order I also found that Platinum also has a REFILLABLE Highlighter!  Sure, you could buy the highlight ink, or, just make a bigger waterproof black felt tip pen if you want!!! There's no law about what color ink you can put in it.

A note about the markers...
They come with an ink cartridge but they have a couple of options to convert them to either eyedropper fillable (add $2) or piston fillable. (add $7).  I added the $2 and they made it eyedropper ready... 

BUT DON'T DO THAT.... unless you are planning on getting just one pen, ever.  They actually sell all you need to do it yourself much more cheaply.  You get 4 O-Rings for $1 and the silicon grease for $2.50...better value IF you plan to do more than one pen.  Here is the video they have to show how to do it yourself .... feeling pretty dumb for not going this route but I didn't research it well enough before I ordered.... next time I'm going this way!

Another thing I wish I would have done was buy the ink with the eyedropper cap!  Didn't see that either, SHOOOOOT..... next time.

Now, having said all that lets talk what PEN I would get if I had to choose between the fountain pen and the rollerball

I would get Noodler's  Ahab pen - mainly because you can make different weight lines with it depending on the pressure you use.  Yes, it cost more, but I think the versatility is worth it.  Actually, they have a $14 version of the Noodler Flex Pen but I don't have it to show the comparison (I lost mine!)  It costs the same as the Rollerball so it is probably a better comparison.

One more thing that I bought that I haven't mentioned yet.... I just had to get the dot grid paper by Rhodia... OH be still my heart!  LOVE! ... you can see the dots in the above picture

Kinda pricy at $6 for the tablet but the paper is so smooth, I love the grid and there was no bleed through with any of the pens I bought. (all bets are off with Copic).  This is actually the paper I was trying to copy with the dot grid I did a while back, but now that I have it I see that my dots are too far apart, I'll have to try again.

OH!  And just FYI, I get NOTHING for all these plugs for Noobler and The Goulet Pen Company!  Amazon actually does have some of the above and I could probably get some from there but it costs you more and Goulet is a "one stop shop" so this was easier.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did YOU Know This??!

I am so excited!  Yesterday I discovered that you can buy a refillable, "roller ball" pen,   

 and felt tip pens!  YES!

OK, so why does that excite me so?  

Well, first, I use tons of pens in my doodling (I do more than I show you...I figure you would get really bored seeing my letter practices :-) refillable is a WONDERFUL THING!  Yes, I know Copic has refillable markers..but the ones that can be refilled with their ink have big tips, I want small, AND their ink is water soluble..UGH! I also know that they have pens with smaller nibs but you have to buy new cartridges, you can't "fill" them like the markers.

That leads to the second reason... 
I want permanent black ink and that's not easy to come by...Sharpies are about it.  Wellllll.... Noodler's makes a black ink that is waterproof!  Heehee...  

Now, to the part that hurts a bit .... the costs... From The Goulet Pen Company:

The rollerball is $14
The felt tip is from $2.95-$9.95 (depending on options...I got mine for $4.95)
The Noodler's Black ink is $12.95 ... there are several blacks so you might want to shop first.

Shipping is super fast.  I ordered yesterday afternoon and about an hour later I got an email that it had shipped from ASHLAND, VA ... USPS... :-( ... I will get it tomorrow (Friday)!

I will post something I've done with it as soon as I can.
I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

I kinda hate to admit this but I also bought a Noodler's Ahab flex pen (gotta take advantage of the shipping).  I actually got it for the thick/think permanent ink line...great for writing, but also for drawing:


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Year Ago..

Almost to the day... it was actually May 6, 2011 when I posted my first attempt at drawing again..."pen to paper".  Until then I spent all my time "wishing I could" but I was too embarrassed to even try.  

In my brain I couldn't do it so I refused to try, until I made up my mind to "JUST DO IT!"  

Here's what I came up with that first time:

...not a lot of art...but OK for doodles :-).... Honestly, I think that was the trick, ANYTHING is OK as long as you call it a doodle, right? ... It's a D-O-O-D-L-E after all!  

There are no rules in Doodling so ANYBODY can do it!



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