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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Am I The Only One???

Am I the only one that feels like we are running out of time!!!

Today I woke up and did what I always do, I came to check my emails....(ok computer room is next to the bathroom, that's why I always start my day this way)

First email I read was from a friend with just this link, no other words:  ... well heck, here it is:

Last night I watched Perry Stone on end time prophecy and where America fits in, then one of my doodle notes yesterday was John Haggie teaching on the Rapture.  ... but, back to today and the above video... after I watched it I started watching the videos that are to the right (In YouTude) about people that went to hell and what they saw...I put one at the bottom in case you want to watch one of them. 

I left my computer with a huge sense of urgency that time is running out!  People are going to hell and I'm watching tv and playing on the internet! We have a finite amount of time to get things done before this age wraps up and the next begins and I believe we are almost at the midnight hour!

So, I decided right then and there to go back to "seeking FIRST the Kingdom and His righteousness"  If I have to face God soon, I don't want to have to explain why I spent HOURS watching TV trash when I could have been "SEEKING"!  WHAT A WASTE of PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS TIME!

But, having said that, I will definitely be using doodling to seek.  I know now that it improves my retention.

I thought I would start with Jesus and what HE SAID. You know, for some reason it is easy to justify what we do (or don't) if Paul or Peter said something ... after all they were "just men" right ?  maybe it had some of their "attitude" in it...surely GOD isn't so strict, right?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that every single word Paul/Peter of the rest of the Bible is less than Matthew/Mark/Luke/John but for me it is a real eye opener when JESUS says it!  God and Jesus have been so reduced to just OUR PERCEPTION of what  "Love" looks like that we forget that they aren't playin'!   They are SERIOUS and what they say do/don't do is SERIOUS!  So, actually reading Jesus' words puts things back into perspective for me.   I will get to the other books eventually but my first focus is going to be M/M/L/J.

Today's Note-taking Doodle was part of Jesus' first sermon: (please note the use of my new rollerball pen...BRAVE GIRL!)

I tried not to take too much time thinking about what to draw, or how, because my new goal is speed and retention more than perfection and artistic ability.

I decided to give it another shot...mainly so I would have it in a different journal.  I was able to get more scripture in, but still not all of chapter 5... but, the sermon goes on for several chapters so I'd never make it anyway.  I like the first one better with just the yellow....don't love the color added.

I really want to get to a place where I have standard "pictures" or ways of showing things so that I don't think about the picture at all, it just comes.  Example: In the top left corner I am showing the sermon ... 

see what I mean, FAST!

I plan to use something like this every time I show preaching.  ... hummm, I guess I really need to add a symbol showing WHO is preaching, I actually came up with one yesterday: 

  • "J" for Jesus...
  • "Hook" ...he was a fisher of men
  • Or it's an arrow showing "He came from Heaven (top line) to Earth (next line) and then descended into hell (below line), but rose again!  WOOHOO!

HA!  I'll have myself a whole new Bible shorthand language before it's all done. :-)

(sorry I was so wordy today)

Just in case you wanted to watch this: .


  1. This is the sort of thing I had the vision of doing! Where did you take your art lessons? Do your have an art degree? Love your work! Anxious to know more about you!

  2. OK, did you hear the laugh?! It was that loud! I have spent my whole life saying "I wish I could draw"...because I "see" and think in pictures I have always wished I could get them down on paper. I WANT TO DRAW!!! So, if you look back over my blog you will see me "learning", just doing, I don't know any of the rules. I think my freedom came when I started seeing some of the things people "pin" on pinterest....and I would think "Well heck, I can do THAT!" And I just started. Believe me, I still sit here everyday and wish I could do what some people do and judge what I do against them...but I keep plugging away even though I wish I were better, I post what I do anyway....and call it "doodling". There are no rights and wrongs with "doodling"! IT'S A DOODLE! :-) Thanks so much for loving it, it is clear to me that you have "Our Father's Eyes". :-)

  3. Nancy, You brain must never quit! We love John Haggie. What are you going to do with these notes? I would love some kind of ruff copy just to have. I promise I don't want to sask for anything I shouldn't dear one, but you are so brilliant. I stand in awe, sweet sister! I will never use for any thing but my person use.

    1. Hi Lizbeth, Is this you Elizabeth Vines? I thought it was until I saw EV also commented under her name. Will you send me a personal email so I can respond...



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