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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Did YOU Know This??!

I am so excited!  Yesterday I discovered that you can buy a refillable, "roller ball" pen,   

 and felt tip pens!  YES!

OK, so why does that excite me so?  

Well, first, I use tons of pens in my doodling (I do more than I show you...I figure you would get really bored seeing my letter practices :-) refillable is a WONDERFUL THING!  Yes, I know Copic has refillable markers..but the ones that can be refilled with their ink have big tips, I want small, AND their ink is water soluble..UGH! I also know that they have pens with smaller nibs but you have to buy new cartridges, you can't "fill" them like the markers.

That leads to the second reason... 
I want permanent black ink and that's not easy to come by...Sharpies are about it.  Wellllll.... Noodler's makes a black ink that is waterproof!  Heehee...  

Now, to the part that hurts a bit .... the costs... From The Goulet Pen Company:

The rollerball is $14
The felt tip is from $2.95-$9.95 (depending on options...I got mine for $4.95)
The Noodler's Black ink is $12.95 ... there are several blacks so you might want to shop first.

Shipping is super fast.  I ordered yesterday afternoon and about an hour later I got an email that it had shipped from ASHLAND, VA ... USPS... :-( ... I will get it tomorrow (Friday)!

I will post something I've done with it as soon as I can.
I'm so excited I can hardly wait!

I kinda hate to admit this but I also bought a Noodler's Ahab flex pen (gotta take advantage of the shipping).  I actually got it for the thick/think permanent ink line...great for writing, but also for drawing:


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