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Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday I told you about an order I placed with The Goulet Pen Company ... well, I got it today!  Heehee...

Do I LOVE EVERYTHING I got?  YES!  Would/will I order again?  YES!!!  My mind is spinning with wants and ideas... But first let me show you a few things....

I took out all of my black markers (that were within reach, I didn't go searching for the other ones) and did this to show the differences in line weight:

The ones with the red arrows are the ones I got today...the REFILLABLE ONES!!! The ones I can put Noodler's "Waterproof" Ink into!
Just a reminder, I ordered the Noodler Rollerball, Noodler Ahab Fountain Pen, and the Platinum Preppy Felt Tip Marker.... and the Noodler's Black Waterproof Ink.

Below is something I drew with each pen:

OH!  And after I placed the order I also found that Platinum also has a REFILLABLE Highlighter!  Sure, you could buy the highlight ink, or, just make a bigger waterproof black felt tip pen if you want!!! There's no law about what color ink you can put in it.

A note about the markers...
They come with an ink cartridge but they have a couple of options to convert them to either eyedropper fillable (add $2) or piston fillable. (add $7).  I added the $2 and they made it eyedropper ready... 

BUT DON'T DO THAT.... unless you are planning on getting just one pen, ever.  They actually sell all you need to do it yourself much more cheaply.  You get 4 O-Rings for $1 and the silicon grease for $2.50...better value IF you plan to do more than one pen.  Here is the video they have to show how to do it yourself .... feeling pretty dumb for not going this route but I didn't research it well enough before I ordered.... next time I'm going this way!

Another thing I wish I would have done was buy the ink with the eyedropper cap!  Didn't see that either, SHOOOOOT..... next time.

Now, having said all that lets talk what PEN I would get if I had to choose between the fountain pen and the rollerball

I would get Noodler's  Ahab pen - mainly because you can make different weight lines with it depending on the pressure you use.  Yes, it cost more, but I think the versatility is worth it.  Actually, they have a $14 version of the Noodler Flex Pen but I don't have it to show the comparison (I lost mine!)  It costs the same as the Rollerball so it is probably a better comparison.

One more thing that I bought that I haven't mentioned yet.... I just had to get the dot grid paper by Rhodia... OH be still my heart!  LOVE! ... you can see the dots in the above picture

Kinda pricy at $6 for the tablet but the paper is so smooth, I love the grid and there was no bleed through with any of the pens I bought. (all bets are off with Copic).  This is actually the paper I was trying to copy with the dot grid I did a while back, but now that I have it I see that my dots are too far apart, I'll have to try again.

OH!  And just FYI, I get NOTHING for all these plugs for Noobler and The Goulet Pen Company!  Amazon actually does have some of the above and I could probably get some from there but it costs you more and Goulet is a "one stop shop" so this was easier.

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