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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Note-taking Doodling

Last week I found a site dedicated to Doodling by Sunni Brown.  Here are a couple videos I got off of YouTube where she explains why doodling is important to learning.  The first is 5 minutes, the next is 30 so, you decide... I, personally, have watched every video I can find because I think she is brilliant and I like her sense of humor.  In the longer video she just sounds so intelligent, I loved listening to her explain the brain. 

Now, after watching all the videos and going to her site... I decided that I WANT TO DO THAT!  I want to be able to listen and doodle as I go for retention. Wellllllll, that's gonna take some practice!  My brain is tired!!!  

If you look at the examples that are on the site they all seem so perfect...and I WANT MINE LIKE THAT.... HOWEVER, now that I have tried it, I KNOW they didn't just sit in a meeting and draw the pictures that are there!  NO WAY!  They clearly drew concepts when they had time to think and plan layout.... that is not possible when a speaker is flying.  But, I do think that with some exercise and practice I will get better at weeding out and keeping the important parts that will help me remember the whole.

Here is what I did today....  I sat and listened to 4 different sermons on TV and just started taking "notes" and threw in a little visual where possible (usually during a story)

Sermon 1 - very little time to draw, just one tiny man fishing...but there really wasn't much in the sermon that suggested a picture to me...  There really isn't anything different in these notes than what I would have done last week. :-(  I tried writing the words to the scriptures...bad idea, should save that for later.

Sermon 2 - I thought I would try putting the sermon title in the middle of the page and work around it... time for a few more was about the rapture so there was more opportunity.... I felt better, but, after I did it I realized I couldn't remember the scriptures about rapture vs tribulation so I really needed it to be more organized.  What I might do, if it mattered, would be to cut it up and glue the pieces down in a more logical sequence (now that I've see the video at the bottom of this post.... I had not seen it before I started writing this post, I just found it)

This next shot is just redrawing some of the pieces of the Rapture sermon, after the fact, and seeing how it would look in sequential frames

Sermon 3: The next one I thought I would try drawing boxes and doodling around them rather than bothering with pictures... maybe later I could come back and try and draw a sower/reaper, but there wasn't enough time then to even try ...... Even though there aren't any "pictures" drawing the boxes is still doodling so the benefit of doodling is still at work here...just not what I want to see.

Fourth sermon - I felt the best about this one and I feel it is really about as good as I could get in any active teaching/note-taking situation... there just isn't enough time to do a creative layout "on the fly".  Another difference in this one is that he only used ONE scripture!  

I will continue to practice but, I think I'll just go back to trying to do something like this with the written Word... After all, remembering THAT is my #1 goal.

Here is another Quickie video that I could watch over and over!


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