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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Year Ago..

Almost to the day... it was actually May 6, 2011 when I posted my first attempt at drawing again..."pen to paper".  Until then I spent all my time "wishing I could" but I was too embarrassed to even try.  

In my brain I couldn't do it so I refused to try, until I made up my mind to "JUST DO IT!"  

Here's what I came up with that first time:

...not a lot of art...but OK for doodles :-).... Honestly, I think that was the trick, ANYTHING is OK as long as you call it a doodle, right? ... It's a D-O-O-D-L-E after all!  

There are no rules in Doodling so ANYBODY can do it!



  1. Good for you! I am still struggling with blank page fear, but I am getting better...practicing my lettering, and my backgounds. Soon I will draw again.

  2. That's funny! I literally just finished printing out some dot paper to practice lettering. I'm trying to design a tablet that I can just grab and run with so I always have something to practice while "waiting" when having my oil changed or taking someone to the doctor. I like to be able to see a font and practice it. ... maybe I'll be done today and post my idea tonight. I have been wondering how you are doing with Joanne's class. Curious how you like it? (honestly)

  3. I get frustrated and rip my attempts up...I'm really very talented IN MY HEAD! haha I like your doodles! All of 'em.

  4. NO! BR, you shouldn't toss those! They are great to have around so you can see your progress a year later! Not only are mine a great example of that but I had a friend that I taught how to make cards (when I sold SU!).... the first one was AWWWWFUL! (I actually used it as an example in my demos) but she got much better than me after a while! SAVE those!



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