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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Real Treasure Map!!!

In my last post I talked a lot about Kay Arthur's FREE teachings but I have learned even more about them this morning by digging deeper. (oh, and I added some things to that post this morning if you're interested)


You can buy everything I am about to show you from her site!  And it is all very reasonably priced.  And, a WHOLE LOT less effort!  So, if you have the money, definitely go that route!  The following is for those of us who find ourselves currently in the "learning to abase" season of our lives! Philippians 4:12

Now, here is what you can find online, FOR FREE, for the last year:
1. You can watch All TV shows
2. Free Downloadable MP3 files for each show
3. A Free Transcript of each show .pdf form... great to have!


There is a way to download the following PDF files for FREE, for all shows in the past year:

  1. The Study Guide (there is one per series)
  2. "Observation Worksheets"  AKA: The actual NASB Book of the Bible being studied, so you can print, follow along, and mark it up if you don't have the New American Standard Bible.

  3. Additions info...maps and such

But, I'm here to tell you it is buried DEEEEEEP!  So, I have provided a true treasure map below :-)

- if you just want to watch the current show, easy enough, just click her picture

You will get this screen... click the top button to watch "today's show" OR, if you want to watch past shows click the button inside my red oval:

Another note, you can get the CURRENT Study Guide for the CURRENT series on this same page...see the bottom oval.  BUT, that doesn't include any other extras like the Bible text and'll have to do the following to get those:

Back on the first screen

1. Click on the "SHOP" button

2. Click on "Precepts For Life" from the menu on the left (see red oval)

3.  Click on "Study Guide"

4.  Click on the Series you are interested in:

 5. Click on the pull down menu (red oval)

6.  EUREKA!!! You have found the buried treasures!!!

You will need to select each one and add it to your cart separately.  Go ahead and "check out" when you have all that you want in your basket... if everything is free that you have chosen then they won't ask for any form of payment...and you get a list to download right away.

Another note:  to watch past shows you are automatically redirected to ""...this is kinda like an online TV station so there are LOTS and LOTS of different teachers there...all with a years worth of shows!    

I haven't completely figure out how their site is set up.  For some reason it requires that you enter a bunch of info before each viewing ??? Apparently there is a way to set up a username/password so you only have to enter that but I never could get it to recognize what I type in!!!  Hummmm.....So, I enter all the info each time, that takes you to a screen that says "Sign In" or "No Thanks"...CHOOSE "NO THANKS"!!!  (ask how many times it took me to figure that one out!) That will take you to the shows ?????  The good news is, once you have done that once it works until you close the browser so you don't have to do it for every show, just every time you start over.   


  1. Thanks for all this great info!! I did the first two Phillipians lessons yesterday. I bought a Precepts NASB some years ago and did a bit in it so I am thrilled to get to do these lessons with Kay Arther on line. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi ZudaGay! You are so welcome! AWESOME that you have already started! I just bought my Bible online last week and it is suppose to be here TOMORROW!!! Heehee! I'm just home from Walmart where I got my multicolored pens...I wanted the $25 colored pencil Kay sells but... ya know ....priorities. OU! Get this, I called them this morning to ask about the "lost" teaching and found out some other things too. Kay teaches a class every Tuesday morning in Spring and Fall...that the public can go to!!! I live about 90 miles from Chattanooga so, Lord willing, I hope to go to those! Worth the drive I think... In August she will be starting a new class, she is redoing Genesis...yay! probably my favorite to study...mainly because I get stuck there when I try to read the whole Bible :-) .... Also, I asked what the difference was in Precepts for Life and Precept Upon Precept... the first is the show, the second is more lecture without all the commercials and time spent telling you that you can download stuff. The great news about those is that you can buy an MP3 file one at a time for $2.99! I'm about to buy a couple of those so I can see the difference. I thought I would get the first hour because I imagine it will focus on the history of the book... we'll see! Listen, thanks so much for commenting, its great to know I was able to help somebody! Have a blessed one! n.



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