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Monday, May 14, 2012

Say It With Flowers

OK, this one is an example of REAL DOODLING that I did back in the 60s!  I really did sit in class and write names with flowers... 

My whole life my hands have had to be busy... It helps me hear better.  No explanation, just the truth.  Thankfully my boss at AT&T understood that and didn't mind me drawing, playing with FIMO or cross stitching during a meeting.

I know it needs something but I wanted to scan each stage, just in case I mess it up!... like that big glob of orange dead center!  ARGH!

Felt like filling in the background today, but didn't feel like taking a lot of time doing it.  Not really the best background for the flowers but it was good practice in making it look like a piece of paper layered on top of another with just pencil

pencil, cheap watercolors


  1. Here's a Time Magazine article about that very thing...and it's true! Doodling does help us pay better attention!,8599,1882127,00.html


  2. Hey Margaret! Thanks so much for the link! Seeeee... Gotta tell ya though, the pencil tappers drove ME crazy! Check this site is dedicated to the "Sketch Note Army" "" ... It is notes sketched in meetings by different people. LOVE IT!



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