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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sofa, No Brainer, Time


Quick and easy sofa/tv doodling. Nothing much to say except, I used Inktense and that was a mistake...on this paper.  This is a page from my cheap little journal, made of paper that soaks water up like a spunge...making it impossible to move the Inktense fast enough and since Inktense becomes permanent once drys it made for this blotchy look.  OK! So let's just pretend that that was the look I was going for...kinda the stained concrete look.  Yup, did it on purpose.  :-)

Funny (weird) how things change once you see them posted on a blog.  It looks kinda like an octopus doesn't it?  I never have loved the look of those things!  Hummm.

OH!  At first I had just the first picture, because that's how I drew it...but once it was posted I wondered how it would look on its side... like that it could easily be made into a word!  I'm off to give that a go.

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