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Friday, May 4, 2012

Three Flowers Updated

I always feel like a picture goes farther (whatever that means) if there are words.... but, when I was doing the three flowers I didn't know what words to add, so I didn't...until today.

Today I found these words:  "Live Your Life and Forget Your Age"...kinda like that... so, I took the EASY way out and just used my Polly-Wolly Doodle TTF to type them onto the scanned version of the picture. Five more minutes, DONE!  And, another cool part about the font, because it was hand done originally, it looks hand done when used... AND you can line it up without worry of running out of space! (my endless struggle!)

OR, you can change the color:

You can see, I included the "tools" used on this version as well.

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